Revolution against Terrorism

The ongoing in Syria is a war where the State is defending Syria in a real revolution by the State and the people against the terrorists, underlined H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in a recent interview with al-Thawra Daily.

This very terrorism perpetrated by al-Qaeda affiliates does characterize the crisis in Syria. This heinous terrorism is backed by some Arab countries, neighbors and westerns, which aim at eroding the factors of power and immunity  be they related to Syria's  stances, resistance, society, infrastructure, economy or services.

"Some Western countries support terrorism in Syria believing that the Takfiri terrorist groups  which have caused a security headache and worry would come to Syria and get killed, so that they would rid themselves of them- the terrorists-," said H.E. President Al-Assad.

Terrorism is indeed like cancer and should be removed as not to spread more quickly  once surgeon's scalpel hits it without removing it. The enemies of Syria have spared no efforts as to change Syria into a land for terrorism, which proliferates in a fertile land of chaos and immorality. Syria's battle against the foreign backed terrorism, including that of the Moslem Brotherhood gangs, is unabated. It is the ongoing battle of Syrians as to restore their stability, security and as to overcome their economic hardships. "We must all collaborate to combat terrorism in order to restore the economy to its former strength."

West countries, particularly the USA, didn't restrict themselves only to supporting, training and arming terrorist groups in Syria; they shifted towards discussing terrorism, adopting the American notion of differentiating between ‘good terrorists’ and ‘bad terrorists.’! Syria's 1985 call, not to mention its subsequent calls, for a clear definition of terrorism and the need to form an international alliance against it went unpaid heed for. Thus, most of the countries which blocked Syria's just demands do support and provide every 'lethal' and 'non-lethal' support to the terrorists in Syria.

Terrorism, however, wasn't able to achieve its evil goals in Syria. The Syrians have been combating it along with their hero Syrian Army steadfastly and bravely. The Syrian vivid people are soon to celebrate the victory in their 2013 real revolution against terrorism and foreign backed terrorists.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim