The Majority Alone The Deciding Factor

Tens of millions have been holding anti-Morsi protests. The protests in Egypt aren't only against Morsi as he has proved himself to be representing but a portion of the Egyptians, namely those who belong to Moslem Brotherhood! It is indeed a massive popular rejection of a failure political approach. After all, Egypt, the mother of the world and the beating heart of Arabism, nationalism as well as of the late Jamal Abdul Nasser, can never be governed by reckless leaders like Morsi, who in about a year of his failing leadership brought but misery, ignorance, extremism and division to the Egyptians.

Actually, many lessons can be deduced from such huge mass protests; on top is, as accurately Information Minister Omran al-Azoubi stated, Moslem Brotherhood experience in leadership is but a failure, be it in Turkey, Egypt and every where. Moslem Brotherhood is indeed good but at destroying national unity as they have done in Egypt, where they destroyed in a year what has been achieved there since 1952.

Islam is a noble religion of amity, mercy, goodness and it supposedly organizes Man relation to God. Personally, I think religion should be for God's sake and never for politics sake. The more religion is exploited for political gains, the more Man's life is immersed with unrest, sedition, confusion and misunderstanding.

Another lesson is that money can't make a dwarf a giant. The petro dollars wasted as to bring Morsi to the helm of leadership in the biggest Arab country went but with the wind. It is indeed a losing gamble on a dead horse, if not on a dead Morsi. Those who paid their money for Morsi did lead him along with his junta into slavery. It is the slavery of the 21st century! Unfortunately, the Arab World of today has many of the slaves at beck and call in the interest of the Zionist-US sinister project.

Further, the majority alone are the deciding factor in deciding their future. It is never any country regardless of how much big, small, or colonialist.It is never the minority of the masses who, for different reasons, mostly personal in nature, and at the orders of their masters defy the will of the majority and the results of ballot boxes!

The tens of millions in Egypt are expected to topple Morsi, who enjoys but a minor support by the minority. What is right is always right and what is wrong might be temporarily right. Thus, all of the conspirators are being one by one kicked off  to the dust pin. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim