Doha Failures

The ewes and their masters are to meet in Doha, the capital of treason and tailored Islam to the size of every conspiracy against genuine Islam and Arabism. The billions of petrodollars wasted on the shedding of the sacred Syrian blood as well as on the destruction of the beating heart of Arabism have had no tangible results for the ewes. The Syrians are and would ever remain steadfast, the Syrian hero Army is steadfast and heroic in defending every single grain of the Syrian soil, and the ewes' al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists are being dealt a blow following a blow. Thus, the enemies of the Syrian People are to hurry up to Doha, of course as not to implement the recent G 8 pledge to ''work together to rid Syria of terrorists and extremists". They want to orchestrate the more of lethal and non-lethal to shed the more of blood in Syria!

The self-declared so-called ''friends of Syria" 11 ministers group is to continue their adventurous meddling in Syria's domestic affairs. What a sharp contradiction when states like Saudi Arabia, Britain, the USA and France, whose hands are covered with the Syrian blood, would be assembled in Qatar, the US military base, responsible for the death of the tens of thousands  of innocent Arabs. Doha's meeting is doomed to failure, like these of Amman, Tunisia, Istanbul, Paris, Marrakesh, Tokyo, and Rome, which did contribute but to the more of blood shedding, misery and agony of the Syrians. Ankara's assembly of defectors, treasonable, armed robbers, thieves and cannibals would add further a cannibalistic aspect to Doha, the land of US bases, takfiri fatwas, darkness and hatred.

Thus, the Doha frenzy efforts to supply the more of arms, especially the lethal chemicals and sarin, to the cannibals on the ground wouldn't save the terrorists from being cleansed and purged by the hero defenders of Syria. Oh fools! This is Syria, where all fight for one, and one fights but for all. The Syrians are united in defending their dignity, independence, secularity and sovereignty. The Syrians are, in fact, aware of the conspiracy, which has been continued for decades! We have taken our final decision as not to be an Islamic emirate affiliated neither to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, nor to any form of religious blackmail. Syria is the land of all monotheist religions and our multicity is to be protected and safeguarded. Syria is for all of its own faithful and patriotic citizens; and all religions are for their respective followers.

Had the enemies of Syria wished a quick settlement to the crisis in Syria-as claimed during Ireland's G 8 summit- they would have met in Damascus as to probe the best ways to crown Geneva 2, if to be convened- with success, and not in Doha, immersed to the neck in its dirty game and treasonable fratricide, as to funnel arms of destruction, chemicals and heavy weapons to kill the more of the Syrians.  

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim