US Lies and Fabrications Lambasted

Unfortunately, the USA, and its affiliates, proxies and ewes aren't satisfied with the settling of the crisis in Syria via diplomatic means, nor with the accomplishments of the Syrian Army against al-Qaeda affiliates! Thus, the fluctuating and contradictory statements and deeds by the US can be understood as part of the US  blind reaction to Syrians' steadfastness and in a flagrant bias to the US affiliates and ewes.

The USA, in line with its egoistic and colonialist approach, has turned blind eyes not only to its Israeli nukes and mass destruction weapons, but also to its own manufactured and made al-Qaeda affiliates' chemical weapons.

Yesterday's Statement issued by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, lambasted the recent US false accusations about the use of chemicals in Syria as in "conformity with  insolent practices previously used by the US to justify its policy" and as "full of lies and based on fabricated information to shoulder the Syrian government responsibility for using the chemical weapons."

Recently, many reports, including western ones, have confirmed that the extremist terrorist groups in Syria possess and stockpile lethal chemical weapons and technology needed to produce them and smuggle them from some nearby states, especially from Turkey..

" Providing military assistance to armed terrorist groups-cannibals-, who are perpetrating crimes against citizens, proves the US involvement in the Syrian bloodshed and raises a question about credibility of the US intentions to bring about a political solution to the crisis in Syria," the Ministry outlined.

Earlier, Russian President Aide, Yury  Ushakov, stated that the US claims regarding the use of chemicals weren't convincing.

“The Americans tried to present us with information on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, but frankly we thought that it was not convincing….We wouldn’t like to invoke references to the famous lab tube that [former US] Secretary of State [Colin] Powell showed, but the facts don’t look convincing in our eyes.” Ushakov stated.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim