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Book: Crimes of the U.S Headed International Coalition Against Syria

History is written through documentation and Syria’s history always rich in culture and human feats has sadly passed through a bloody ten year period. Shortly in 2011 Syria witnessed an assault on its sovereignty and its human values. The events that span this ten year period of time bring to light foremost the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army and the resistance of Syrians.

Dmitry Sablin head of the Russian Parliamentary group for relations with Syria and Maxim Grigoriev director of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy in Moscow have both written a book under the title “Crimes of the U.S Headed International Coalition Against Syria”.

In this book they document the suffering of the civilian population at the hands of the American led coalition.

 Testimonies and quotes of more than 200 citizens were taken. These testimonies and quotes detail how each family has its own tragedy starting from torn limbs and ending with the death of a member of the family. A women speaks of how she lost her whole family as they were fleeing across the Euphrates. Another speaks of a missiles that landed on her daughter and immediately killed her.

The U.S led coalition is present on Syrian land without the consent of the Syrian government and under the pretext of fighting terrorism while in reality it busies itself with looting Syrian oil.

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Reem Haddad