A new Russian magazine in Arabic!!

'Persona Strani' is a Russian political magazine and it is getting ready for its first edition in Arabic!This first edition will contain information and news about Syria and it is part of the initiative based on Russian\Syrian news exchange..This initiative started with the aim of fighting fake news.It hopes to enlighten  both its Russian and Syrian readership about the truth of the events taking place in Syria.

There is a cultural aspect as well for the magazine which will include cultural and historical material. The magazine's editor in chief Elizabeth Abramova was on a recent visit to Syria where she met with media officials who welcomed the idea of a Russian magazine in Arabic. She says that this special magazine 'Persona Strani-Soldiers of the Homeland' will shed light on personalities who contribute in the real construction and advancement  of the country in many different aspects-economical, cultural, scientific, environmental and medical.

Undoubtedly this magazine will harvest great popularity in both Russia and Syria.

Editor in Chief

Reem Haddad