The Side Effects and Taste of Terrorism

The excessive bloody reactions of the Turkish Government of Erdogan to the Turkish peaceful demonstrators at Taksim square and tens of Turkish cities  raise many questions and exclamations. Hundreds of Turks have been harassed, tear-gassed and savagely beaten and dispersed by Turkish Police, when the Turkish Army has been mobilized to secure Erdogan's government headquarters and other places.

Does Erdogan realize the side effects and taste of terrorism, self-made by his own government, as to kill the Syrians. The Turkish friendly people are indeed fed up with Erdogn's flagrant  support to terrorists in Syria. Such a support is considered by many analysts as one of the main reasons for the Friendly Turks wrath, disappointment and anger. When it came to a mere  simple demonstration against Erdogan's plans for building a complex at Istanbul's Taksim squire, Erdogan has mobilized tens of thousands of his police and army personnel, injuring, killing and arresting the tens of innocent Turks; what if they were cannibals, takfiris, hired killers!

Indeed " Erdogan's suppression of the peaceful protests in Turkey is illogical and reveals his detachment from reality," as information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stated. "the brotherly Turkish people do not deserve this barbarity. Erdogan has no excuse to stand against his people's will .We wish stability and tranquility will engulf  the Turkish people. We call upon Erdogan to show sanity and not to deal with the Turkish people exactly as he did against Syria."

The friendly people of Turkey don't deserve to be governed by a butcher like Erdogan, who has been destroying all bridges with the neighbors, turning his country from a zero-problem with neighbors into a zero-friendship with them. Erdogan should be ashamed of himself as well as of his US supporters, who were the first to grill him. Politicians like Erdogan should immediately resign. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim