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America's Intransigence

So where does the United States stand in regards to the continuous Israeli strikes against Syria.?

Over the past two years Israel has intensified its strikes against Syria creating destruction and shedding blood, even though most of these strikes have been intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense system.

The Syrian government unfailingly each time there is a missile attack on Syria’s sovereignty pens a letter to security council in protest against these attacks.

And security council unfailing each time there is an attack does nothing  about it.

Lately,  on June 10th, U.S. secretary  of state Blinken, and before the House Foreign Affairs Committee said “AS a practical matter, Israel has control of the Golan Heights, irrespective of its legal states, and that will have to remain unless and until things get to a point where Syria and everything operating out from Syria to longer poses a threat to Israel, and we are not anywhere near that.

How is it possible for the U.S. to see Syria as a threat to Israel when it is Israel that has occupied Syrian land- the Golan and where there is a united nations security resolution (Re solution 497) which declares that the annexation of the Golan by Israel is “null and void and without international legal effect” and further calls on Israel to rescind its action.

Sadly there is a history of US blocking UN resolutions against Israel, and thwarting international legitimacy. The U.S. doesn’t stop there- it exceeds itself by saying that Syria is a threat to Israel and the West believes it while at the same time pretends to care about the humanitarian situation in Syria.        


Reem Haddad