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Richard Black on America's empowerment of terrorists in Syria

Former Virginia State Senator Richard Black stresses that the US is implicated in helping and empowering terrorist organizations in Syria during a speech he delivered at a conference at the Schiller Institute.

The main points he focused on were:

   * Indecency of American aggression toward Syria

   * Rules are whatever the United States decides it wants at any given moment

   * What rules allow us to establish naval blockades on Syria, Iran, Venezuela? Are those not acts of war?

   * The American March of Conquest spans the globe. We’ve invaded sovereign countries like Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria, leaving them all in smoldering ruins.


   * In 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered the Pentagon to draft plans to overthrow seven countries in the Mideast, beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off with Iran. Not one of them had harmed the U.S

   * In 2011, also, during the Arab Spring, the highly secretive Central Intelligence Agency Special Activities Center sent paramilitary teams into the sovereign territory of Syria, to identify, train, equip and lead terrorists to overthrow the Syrian government

   * NATO and the U.S. maintained an intense propaganda campaign against Syria from the outset

   * Secretary of Defense James Mattis admitted, in 2018, that the U.S. had no evidence that Assad had ever used sarin gas

   * So, why do we attack Syria? Well, there are a number of reasons.  Part of it ties in with Israeli foreign policy.  But the U.S. seeks to capture oil and gas routes serving Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In addition to pipeline access, Saudi Arabia wants to impose harsh Wahhabi Islam on the religiously harmonious Syrians. The Turks cast a greedy eye on the industrial city of Aleppo.  The Turks also want to capture the oil and the agricultural produce of the nation that is produced in northern Syria.

   * In 2015, U.S. troops illegally invaded Northern Syria and unlawfully seized Syria’s oil. We authorized an American oil company to build a refinery for $150 million, and drill for more oil on sovereign Syrian land.

   * The same region of northern Syria is the breadbasket of Syria. It grew enough wheat to feed the nation. This too has been stolen: We gave it to the Kurds who are shipping Syrian wheat to Turkish merchants, while Syrian peasants starve.

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Editor in Chief: Reem Haddad