Amman's Farce

The self-declared so-called ''friends of Syria" 11 ministers group  met yesterday in Amman, Jordan, as to continue their adventurous meddling in Syria's domestic affairs. They assembled each others in a hurry as to save the remaining of their affiliates among the extremists, takfiris, and terrorists. Actually, the conferees bids to issue diplomatic statements covering their failure strategy have proved to be a failure. The Syrians' fight against terrorists in Syria is on and relentlessly; no power whatsoever can save the terrorists, whether those in Qussair, Aleppo, Deraa, Quneitra and in every corner of Syria from defeat and death at the hands of the Syrian hero Army.

The words delivered could not hide the disappointment of the enemies of Syria, nor the pale faces of the ewes were able to hide their unjustified hatred and grudge. It has indeed been another futile comic farce, recalling past words of lies, crocodile tears, showing off and hypocrisy. Definitely, the majority of the Syrians have not given a damn to the ongoing farce in Amman. We are here on the ground committed to our Syria, civilization, Syrianity and leadership. It is we, the majority who have the final saying and decision. And this is the very majority's umbilical cord with our leadership. The millions among the Syrian majority have indeed the right to elect their only hope for a better, more resistant and steadfast tomorrow, President Bashar Al-Assad, the President of all presidents.

Thus, Amman's farce was indeed, as Syria's  veteran Ambassador to Amman, Dr. Bahjat Suleiman outlined, the meeting of Syria's enemies, or friends of Israel. "Those who want to end the tragedy in Syria-caused mainly by the states of the conferees, particularly Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UK and the USA-  need to stop arming and training terrorist gangs in Syria.

In fact, Amman conference, following a series of upsets and failures of previous like conferences, including those held in Tunisia, Istanbul, Paris, Marrakesh, Tokyo, and Rome, contribute but to the more of blood shedding, misery and agony of the Syrians. The sharp decrease of the numbers of participating countries in such conferences, not to mention the catastrophic impacts of the daydreaming of those who sold themselves to Lucifer, made it clear that those who lack popular support on the ground are but much ado about nothing. Tens of the countries which left the said group did recognize the consequences of their participation in supporting terrorists in Syria. The Syrian Hero Army pursuit of terrorists on the ground is unabated and will continue to purge the Syrian sacred soil from their evil.    

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim