The Qatari Bankruptcy

Once the Syrians are closer to solving the mainly-caused Qatari crisis in Syria, the Qatari Sheikhdom intensifies its trouble-making-but futile-  moves. Futile because petrodollars can never make a dwarf a giant. The island of Qatar talks big, as if it were to possess the US military bases on its tiny territories and not the opposite. Qatar should be ashamed of leasing two thirds of its island to the US troops, which occupied and destroyed many Arab countries! Recklessly, the Qatari foolish moves are against all, if not against its own interests.

Dr. Bashar al-Jafaari, the Representative to Syria to the UN, made it clear yesterday in his landmark speech, that  the destructive role of the  Arab League  led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the new member, Turkey, against Syria, has legitimized the act of arming terrorists.

"once a political solution for the crisis in Syria looms ahead, the scale of the terrorist operations on the ground is increased and escalated," said Dr. al-Jafaari, blasting the Qatari presented resolution as a bid to obstruct the political solution of the crisis, citing the negative impacts of the Qatari and Saudi  petrodollar and recruitment of extremists and terrorists in fuelling the crisis in Syria.

The Qatari drafted resolution, given the diminished number of the countries voting for, is viewed by concerned observers and analysts as a bid to abort the recent Russian- US understandings as to end the crisis in Syria via diplomatic and political means.

Yesterday's Qatari-drafted UN General Assembly non-binding resolution, met large number of abstentions, 59, and 12 votes against, would indicate but the increasing comprehension and understanding of the world community members of the ongoing on the ground in Syria, where extremist and wahabi terrorists of more than 28 countries are launching a war of attrition against every Syrian aspect of life.

The resolution also coincided with mounting fear and wary by some western countries over the threats caused by the foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria. The Western's concerns are indeed justified given the increasing spill over of the crisis in Syria abroad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim