Non-lethal! Or What?

A son of a bitch terrorist in Syria has recently cut open with his 'non-lethal' weapon the chest of a Syrian hero soldier and lifted out the heart. The terrorist, leader of so-called Syrian opposition armed militia, started to eat the bleeding heart of the Syrian hero soldier! Yes , al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Syria are indeed cannibals! Such terrorist acts of horror, barbarity, savagery,  are unfortunately not new in the ongoing more than two years crisis. Earlier, the terrorists shot down a food-supply helicopter, and started to cut off the heads of the Syrian Army hero pilots! They even raised the pilots'  heads over sticks and iron rods and made a parade before roasting the heads!

To what extent such horrifying acts would touch the inner conscience and humanity of every human being everywhere is still  unpredictable, given the unwavering support of the ewes, Erdogan, Obama, Hollande, Cameron to the armed terrorist groups in Syria. Is it possible for any country worldwide to allow such barbarity against anybody, not only against its own citizens! Every country has an army to defend it to death. However, not every country has such a large number of terrorists from dozens of countries on the ground like what it has been the case in Syria for more than two years. The terrorist so-called 'jihad' is linked to petro-dollars, sex, robbery, rape, kidnapping, drugs and cannibalism. The Syrians' struggle, particularly of the Syrian hero Army,  is for independence, unity, sovereignty, security and combating terrorists.

If the human conscience weren't to stand by the majority of Syrians to lead a normal life away from the threats of disintegration, insecurity, cannibalism and suicide bombers, it shouldn't support the terrorists in their war of attrition against every humanity. The ripped-off hearts, cut-off heads of the Syrian hero soldiers do not only belong to Syrians; they do belong to every human conscience in every corner of today's global village. Could this village withstand and bear the presence of such mushrooming cannibalistic terroristic criminality?

Such horrifying footages of mutilation crimes should be sent, even via diplomatic means, to whom might be concerned about the Syrians, particularly to EU leaders, White House, UN, Kings and Emirs of darkness and ignorance, and of course to human rights and civil society bodies.

Yet, the majority of the  Syrians are stronger and more determined to cleanse Syria, the cradle of civilization and freedom, from every terrorist. Yes, we are stronger and more determined and every single sacred drop of our blood is but the torch and compass.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim