Syrian Leadership Wisdom

Once more His eminence Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that Syria, the country of Resistance, is steadfast and immune to surrender, defeat or destruction. Syria has been waging a fierce war of defense against a foreign-backed aggression by terrorists of more than 28 countries.

The Israeli recent terrorist attack inside Syria has indeed failed to take it out of the axis of Resistance and the Arab-Israeli conflict. On the contrary, Syria is now more determined to carry out the duty of integration with every Resistance against the occupation, terrorism, ignorance and extremism. 

"Syria has real friends, in the region and the world, that will not let it fall in the hands of America, Israel, and Takfiri groups," recalled Sayyed Nasrallah, who courageously declared that the Resistance in Lebanon is ready to receive up-to-date sophisticated weapons from Syria. ''We – the Resistance – declare we are ready to receive any game-changing weapons, and we are ready to possess and protect them, and use them to defeat the aggression against our people, our land and our holy places.”

In  a televised speech on Al-Nour Radio silver jubilee ceremony, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that Syrian leadership has once more proved strength of nerve, strategic mind and wisdom in confronting Israel and its aggressions, citing Syria's persistent support to Resistance movements, particularly in Lebanon and Palestine.

“The same as Syria stood by Lebanon, we - the Resistance in Lebanon - declare that we will stand by the Syrian popular resistance that is aimed at liberating the Syrian Golan.” The liberation of the occupied Golan has ever been the main preoccupation and strategic goal for the Syrian government, which also tried for years of Madrid peace conference talks to restore. Now, it is time for Israel to withdraw from the Syrian land; and if not through Madrid formula, it is definitely through the popular Resistance, supported by Hizbollah heroes, who did prove in deeds that Israel, the occupation, was but weaker than the spider's nest.

Again, it is hoped that the anti-Syria ewes and their masters would get the messages- there was a third undeclared message in Sayyed Nasrallah's speech yesterday-. The Syrian hero Army would cleanse every corner in the most remote part of Syria from terrorists and any aggression against Syria would never be a picnic for the aggressors who would definitely pay a price much heavier than any price ever. Hopefully, those who support, train, arm, and mushroom the hired killers takfiris and al-Qaeda terrorists would refrain from their destructive policies and resort to reason, logic and dialogue in the interest of ALL.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim