Strategic Coordination

The standing strategic cooperation and coordination between Israeli and the extremist Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria is indeed strange. The goal of both sides is common as to destroy Syria. The Israelis should, however, understand that they will be the ultimate target for such groups once the crisis in Syria ends. The Israeli recent coward attack against Jamraya came in coordination with the terrorists who once the attack was launched moved their squads of death and killing to enter the formidable city of Damascus.

Indeed it was unbelievable that the extremists were picturing the Israeli attack once it took place chanting "Allah Akbar"! What can the Israelis expect from those who even echo such words while their own country was being under Israeli attack? The enemy should  wait for more to come in consequence for their aggressions and their uncalculated reckless adventures against Syria.

The Israeli coward aggression is, as the Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al Meqdad has clearly stated to CNN, but "an alliance between Islamic terrorists and Israel" as a declaration of war, for which the Israelis are to suffer more and more.

The Israeli flagrant attack has indeed opened "the door wide for all possibilities". It has been, as the Syrian Government statement outlined, a flagrant aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic using missiles to bombard military facilities in a blatant violation to the international law, paying no heed to the relevant obligations".

"The flagrant aggression aims at providing  a direct military support to the extremist, Takfiri and terrorist groups as they have recently failed to attain gains on the ground,"  as  the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry outlined. Indeed the Israeli state-terrorism attack against Syria is to escalate the tension in the region and drag it into a wide-scale war that would threaten  international security.

"The Syrian Arab Republic's Government  do believe that the US statements ,released prior and in the aftermath of the mentioned raid, have urged Israel to launch its aggressive airstrike rather than securing a political nod and wink  to breach Syria's sovereignty in an apparent violation to the UN Charter and the international law." The US, ewes, and some Westerners are themselves to feel the consequences.

The government of the Syrian Arab Republic reiterates  the necessity that the Syrian hero  Army would continue their victories over  the puppets of Israel inside Syria in line with  the States duty to defend homeland , State and people from internal aggression as well as external one and by all means and available potentials.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim