Misinformation Even When it Comes to Drama

 It is not   often that a normal dramatic detective police series is subjected to the politicization and fury that the Syrian drama series "Interview with Mr. Adam" was subjected to.  Various TV channels went to great lengths showing different parts of episodes and emphasizing a particular scene and then rerunning that scene more than once. British newspaper "the Guardian " devoted a whole article to that particular detective series. Why were there many attempts to transform this series from an exciting thriller to a sinister on?

"The Guardian sadly has taken only one side and adopts the point of view of the Syrian opposition which is based on fallacy". This is what producer of an "Interview with Mr. Adam" Fadi Salim said in an interview with Syriatimes.

When Fadi Salim first saw the amount of disinformation that was spurting out of sub media outlets he was flabbergasted. It had never occurred to him that his detective series would be politicized and twisted to such an extent. Producer Fadi Salim has produced other detective series and his work is as far as it is possible from being political.

Mr. Salim clarifies in his interview with Syria times that the filming of the series took place in Damascus with some scenes being filmed at the Muwasat hospital. The girl who played the role of the murdered women, in the series is Tunisian actress Salma Jalal. There are many pictures and videos of Ms. Jalal as body make up is applied on her so she appears as a murder victim. There are pictures of her as she is lying dead in a morgue with a number attached to a head band as is the protocol applied in many countries to murder victims.

"The numbers on the headband were chosen haphazardly," says Mr. Salim and the "picture of the murdered women is 'taken long shot'. It is impossible to decipher the numbers simply because they were not important to the plot". The picture shown by some media with a clear number is to say the least a fabricated picture with the numbers being added later on."

Fadi Salim almost laughs at the accusations leveled at the series and says "those who are not convinced of what I say please go ahead and communicate with Salma Jalal. She is easily found on face book.

It is sad that a newspaper such as the Guardian doesn't approach this subject professionally. They took one side only and gave credibility to their fallacies. Had I been approached

I would have been more than happy to clarify everything. After all there is nothing to hide and a special program will be aired on Syrian TV today that will refute the lies and allegations put forward by the opposition and adopted by some media without any proof what so ever. Their claims are no more than figments of an overactive imagination      but then when one is drowning one clutches at straws."

When asked by Syriatimes to clarify what he meant, he said that he is used to the fabrications of some media channels. He recalls a time some years back when he was sitting at his house watching TV and Al Arabia showed supposed pictures of his street where his house was in Damascus, being destroyed. This was one of many outright lies. He says: "fabrications are used when the truth doesn’t support what is being said and this is what happened in this series."

Their attempts to lie and politicize a drama series has backfired on them _ simply because what they are saying is not logical."

Fadi Salim goes on to say that he is more than ready to answer any questions.

He can be reached on mobile number 00963 991111120  


Editor in Chief: Reem Haddad

Body makeup being applied on murder victem in Syrian Drama series "Interview with Mr.Adam"