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Better late than never !

Better late than never! Finally some western countries have started to recognize the reality of the ongoing in Syria as a defense war launched by the majority of the Syrians against al-Qaeda terror. Many European countries felt the heat and risk of terrorism against their own countries and citizens, including those governments of France, Britain, Belgium, Austria and Australia. Israel and the USA are still, however, in waiting for the worst coming from the same terrorists sponsored, trained and mushroomed by them.

The US, particularly its C.I.A., according to the International Herlad Tribune, has run a "covert program to train 'rebels'- terrorists- in Jordan." Israel, not to mention its sponsoring of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorism on the 1974 armistice line, according to Global Post, wounded Syrian "rebels"- terrorists- who have received medical care in Israel "are transported across the "border" only once they are positively identified and receive initial emergency medical treatment while still on the other side," meaning on Syrian soil.

Expectedly, Australian FM, Bob Carr stated yesterday that the increase in the number of Australians believed to be fighting in Syria marked a "significant potential threat to national security and confirmed the Gillard government is currently looking at banning new terrorist organizations". An Australian daily quoted Australian intelligence sources as declaring that at least half of the now 200 Australians believed to be in fighting in Syria are fighting for radical al-Qa'ida offshoot, the al-Nusra Front.

Minister Carr added that it was a "big" concern that Australians were fighting in Syria, which had "without a doubt" become a magnet for jihadists, voicing deep concern over the influence of al-Qa'ida affiliates within the Syrian "Opposition".

Earlier, Belgium asked Turkey to help in its efforts to prevent Belgian nationals from crossing into Syria to fight alongside opposition forces: “We are in close cooperation with Turkey on this issue and we have asked them for additional monitoring of border crossings,” Joelle Milquet, Belgium's deputy prime minister and interior minister, said during a radio interview on Saturday. She said she was planning to travel to Turkey for further talks on the matter.

The Belgian government has taken some measures to prevent such travels, introducing restrictions on traveling to Turkey for teenagers younger than 16. Particularly those youth living in neighborhoods populated by Moroccan immigrants are reported to be under increased police scrutiny.

On his part, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, Didier Raiendres, urged the Belgium authorities to penalize Belgian citizens who come to Syria or other countries to fight as mercenaries.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim