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The Lies of the West Won't Protect Terrorism

The United States has never given up playing the chord of terrorism in its various forms and whenever that terrorism is defeated on the ground or Washington fails to invest it in politics, it resorts to the scenario of the "chemical weapons" that it uses as Trojan horse to keep its terrorists on the ground and continue its occupation to parts of the Syrian Arab territories. It also resorts to the method of lying today in the hope that repeated lying can be credible, even the Western media itself has unveiled all these allegations on the basis of real evidences far from misinformation and falsification.

As the spearhead of the aggression, the United States clings to its dirty strategy of prolonging the war against Syria, which many US officials have acknowledged, so it continues to recruit its arms to perpetuate the reality of the war imposed on the Syrian people.

Today, the attempt to promote the lie of the "chemical weapons' reflects the intentions of the sponsors of terrorism by carrying out possible chemical attacks to prevent the Syrian Arab army from completing its war on terrorist organizations, especially as there is a lot of information about the readiness of the terrorists of the Al-Nusra Front and the "White Helmets" to carry out these attacks in the area of reducing the escalation, under the supervision of French and Belgian experts and others, to find an excuse to justify any new Anglo-French British aggression.

Since the creation of the lie of the "chemical weapons", there is no evidence indicates the use of the Syrian Arab Army any chemical weapons, neither in the past nor today, especially Syria does not have such weapons. All the evidences and facts on the ground unequivocally affirm that the terrorists, supported by the US and the West, have used chemical weapons many times, and many reports prove that they possess such weapons, supplied by America, Britain and other countries that sponsor them. The system of aggression has always resorted to falsify the facts to cover up the crimes of terrorists and falsely accuse the Syrian Arab army.

All attempts by the US State Department to invent another story about chemical attacks are nothing more than a political cover for convulsive attempts by terrorists to destabilize the situation in Idlib and bring about a humanitarian catastrophe there and force the world to believe a new lie that suggests references to the use of chemical weapons in Idlib.

It is not surprising that the US State Department is seeking to impose another lie on the world on a chemical attack in Idlib, while the only source and eyewitnesses of this alleged attack are terrorists from the Al -Nusra Front.

Over the past years, terrorist groups have repeatedly intended the work with the help of overseas operators to fabricate plays on the use of chemical weapons to create pretexts for external aggression against Syria.

The American-French accusations will fail like their predecessors, and they can't help the terrorist organizations that live their last days in Syria. Their claims are exposed for a very simple reason: the Syrian state's non-possession of this weapon, which it delivered voluntarily several years ago to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, whereas several reports reaffirmed that Syria is free of this internationally prohibited weapon.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which has been transformed by America and its tools in the West into a tool for achieving its colonial ambitions, has so far played the complementary role of legitimizing terrorist crimes by insisting on falsifying the facts and keeping silent on many of the investigators' reports that indicate in its entirety that the terrorists bear responsibility for the alleged attacks in the past, and this reiterates again that the system of aggression with all its poles and tools, will never stop evoking more fabrications and lies to put pressure on the Syrian state, but on the other hand, these pressures will not dissuade Syria from the completion of its war against terrorism until it is uprooted from its roots.


Sharif Al –Khatib


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