Washington and Its Wars Against Humanity

The United States has waged wars against nations and peoples by allegations of spreading "democracy", "fighting terrorism", "defending" the peoples’ rights and for "humanitarian" reasons, but the facts prove the opposite of its allegations.

The "democracy" and the defense of the people and humanity are not the concerns of the United States at all except insofar as it used them as pretexts to its dirty wars to impose its hegemony, plunder the resources and wealth of others, shed more of their blood, and destroy their state and infrastructure completely. How can any sane person be convinced that Washington's wars are for “democracy, peoples and humanity?”

History books and documents are full of evidences to disprove the US allegations that are  over to count and calculate. The United States, since its foundation, was established on the skulls of hundreds of thousands of American Indians. The US not only killed people, but it also killed humanity, spread horror, disorder and suffering everywhere. This brutal policy, that caused pain and bitterness to many people, has continued until today from Vietnam to Latin America to Japan with its nuclear arsenal as evidences of its criminality as well as in Afghanistan and its invasion of Iraq, its aggression against Yemen and its blatant interference in Syria through its terrorist organizations and direct military intervention, committing heinous massacres and killing of millions of innocents in the region through its terrorist organizations and air raids, all with the pretext of "fighting" terrorism.

Washington has not only committed its crimes and shed more blood but imposed its unjust siege and launched its economic war on countries and peoples to pressure and push them to accept its projects and conditions of hegemony.

There is no doubt that whoever launches wars, whatever their kinds and pretexts are, as the United States does, is a clear evidence of its loss of moral rules, and its wars today on most countries of the world are mainly against humanity.

The war of terrorism and mercenaries against Syria, which represents one of the most important strongholds in confronting the projects of aggression and hegemony, has failed. The economic war, as a foolish step, will also fail, at that time the defeat of the American project in the region and the world will complete.

The United States denies the defeat of its project, it does not want to recognize its failure, and insists on moving forward, but from the gate of the economy, through the imposition of further sanctions, and taking the measures of embargo and siege, and under the same false headlines. The US will never reap except failure and disappointment.

The policy of sanctions and siege is the policy of the insolvent, or the policy of the silly arrogant, and the American escape towards the economic war will not only threaten security and stability in the region, but will also lead the world to more divisions that aggravate the state of tension and deepen existing differences that may start by rejecting US resolutions and declaring the insurgency. Those that are related to Tehran's oil exports, Jerusalem, the Golan, and the deal of the century, beside the intervention measures and encroachment on the sovereignty of countries, but no one knows where it will end...!

To win all the rounds of confrontation, important measures must be taken. The Syrian people have mastered during the years of siege of the 1980s, whereas the Syrians achieved unique results during the years of aggression and the recent terrorist war.

The Iranian people also experienced this kind of confrontations which they have successfully tested since the victory of their revolution. The challenge will not destroy or break their will and the Iranian people will succeed in overcoming these confrontations. The recent meetings in Damascus prior to the meeting in Astana, and before the announcement of the new sanctions - we talk about hosting the Iraqi, Iranian and Russians - only to solidify the tripartite front, and to seize the best options for using them quietly and confidently, that makes Washington realize through its new folly completes the defeat of its project, which has become a pile of debris.

Sharif Al -Khatib


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