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The Golan Settlement Scheme is an Israeli Illusion

The Israeli entity, after the American dose of support by Trump's aggressive declaration to grant the alleged sovereignty over the occupied Golan, began to move towards more aggressive settlement policy armed with the cover provided by the White House administration, and the cover by the neo-conservatives of the warlords for its crimes and violations of international laws and resolutions.

This racist entity, represented by its extreme Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the rest of the obsessed with settlement, occupation and crime, hastened to divert their illusions, which wanted to build thousands of Zionist settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan, believing that the ill-fated declaration by Trump is a legitimization to their occupation or that the White House has the authority to issue such a decision as if it were an international legal reference.

 These hostile leaks undoubtedly constitute an attempt to revive the Zionist extremists' projects in violation of the Security Council resolutions, namely the settlement of a quarter of a million Zionist settlers in the occupied Syrian Golan, as if it had become Israeli territory granted by Trump, to the Israelis, of its own property.

The Zionist settlement scheme in the occupied Syrian Golan quickly emerged into the open, showing a state of urgency in the Zionist-American transition to a new phase of aggression against Syria, to complement its targeted project , which Syria overthrew with its heroic steadfastness, its legendary response to the terrorist war imposed on it, through defeating ISIS and its supporters from the national territory which will soon be clean from the remaining pockets of terror.

The settlement scheme that was announced a few days after Donald Trump's folly towards the occupied Syrian Golan will be a prominent headline of illusion. Neither Trump's destruction to the prospects of reviving the stalled peace process nor rejecting the relevant UN Security Council resolutions will pass, and jumping on facts of history and geography is also forbidden, because any practical step on the ground will not be allowed.

The Syrian people will not allow any Israeli action to take place in the occupied Golan because our people in the Golan have resisted and rejected the Zionist identity, fought confrontations with the occupation, and the last they strongly resisted holding local elections in their villages. They will also neither allow the occupation authorities to confiscate their land nor construct any settlement in their land. 

Trump's challenge to logic, law, and principles is a serious challenge and absolute stupidity. No doubt, this is defined by the consensus of the world, which may be enough - by reason of the international system and its inability to express its categorical rejection of Trump's lies that showed the isolation of the United states. But the position of the Syrian people was different and will not be satisfied with refusal in return for its adherence and insistence on Arabism of the Syrian Golan, whereas all laws have guaranteed the right of resistance against the occupation to restore the Golan by all possible means and ways available.

The American president has taken steps to legitimize the Israeli occupation and usurpation of what remained of the Arab territory in a gamble whose repercussions will not stand at the Israeli elections, which are meant to be in Netanyahu's shape and content.

Thanks to our army, our leadership, our people, our allies and friends, we have had successful rounds of political and media platforms in combating aggression system against the US leadership, where their lies and fabrications have been exposed. We also had tours ended in victory in the field, where America's terrorist wings were defeated and became dispersed. We will go on, and we will have tours in politics and media, and on the ground if necessary, and we are confident that it will only end and the Golan in the center of Syria.


Sharif Al -Khatib