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Unity of Battle and Strategic Depth

There is no doubt that the discussions held lately in Damascus by the chiefs of staff of the armed forces in Iraq, Syria and Iran have resulted in decisions and outputs that will find their positions as facts on the ground and facts to move firmly and with determination and will in the way of combatting terrorism and those who support terrorists from countries guarantee the terrorist war imposed on Syria throughout the years after the start of this war in its forms and methods and plans to take Syria to the unknown and bloody chaos.

Now the victory has strengthened and the confrontation deepened against terrorism and its supporters. So it is natural to develop and push the tracks of coordination, cooperation and consultation between Iran, Iraq and Syria to ensure the achievement of the desired goals in the eradication of terrorism and achieving complete victory over its tools and sponsors from countries that wanted to invest and employ terrorism to manipulate the unity and sovereignty of both Syria and Iraq, as well as Iran's hostility as the main ally in the fight against terrorism, the friendly partner of Iraq and Syria in this confrontation.

 The tripartite meeting between the military leaders was not only the first of its kind but it came at a time when there was a lot of political and military messages, while the substance of the issues discussed in the meeting was the most important point in the regional and international scene.

We are not interested in reviewing many of the points raised in the meeting, despite their importance and role in shaping the features of the next stage, but in the scenes of the meeting and the positions it launched, which reflected to a large extent the extent of coordination existing and prospects opened in the foreseeable on the basis of that the next will be more profound, and more capable of drawing the military and political rhythm..

The events and developments have reached a sharp turning point, in which the field approaches and their political reflection constitute the basic part of the rules of engagement drawn up by the tripartite meeting on a clear and frank basis that don't need to interpretation by virtue that the meanings have become clear and explicit in their details, as they are in the titles.

The most important thing that the existed coordination takes a new form of openness which is in itself a decisive point in the regional scene that draws the new equations required by the stage in its own nature, based on a real understanding of the needs of the phase and the character of difficulties facing the region on the rhythm of the messages of the meeting set at this high level.

On the other hand, the additions were by answering many of the delayed questions in the military leaders' conversation that greatly enhanced the general trends reflecting the political will of the three countries, the size of the common challenge in the face of Takfiri terrorism and the mechanism that sets practical parameters for subsequent steps.

What the meeting showed is only the small part of what it wanted to do in its direct and immediate messages, so that the coming days will be able to show what the meeting achieved of understanding of the nature of the next steps and the mechanisms of dealing with the newly developments.

The challenge here is not limited to terrorism; it includes the operators, sponsors and protectors in and outside the region, which is not limited to terrorism in a format with its tools, requirements and approach, which differ in form and content.

we are in front of steps and field changes which don't relate to the open confrontation since eight years, but extends to frame the steps required by practical elements, to be the starting point for the next encounter, where the challenge is not limited to terrorism; but it includes the operators, sponsors and protectors inside and outside the region, in a format having its tools, requirements and approach, which differ in form and content. 

The next turning point is not only imposed by military necessity on the role it plays, but also the requirements of a raging confrontation in which the facets and forms of war vary, including military and economic models, that impose the inevitable of parallel development in technical and logistical coordination, up to match fronts of planning, implementation and integration on the basis of open front on the ground and in politics.


Sharif Al -Khatib


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