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Al-Rukban Camp is a Washington-Made Disaster

Al-Rukban camp for the Syrian displaced has become an irrefutable evidence of the American administration's predominance and its persistence in exploiting the issues of the people for blackmail and pressure to achieve its aggressive projects and interests in the region to pass its policy at the expense of the simplest humanitarian principles and international laws based on the laws of force and arrogance.

 Al-Rukban camp is a proof of the hypocrisy of the American and aggressive approach, which is accompanied by endless additions to the details of crimes against civilians who have been taken hostages inside the camp, or detainees according to the Russian description that recalls the Nazi prisoners.

  The description may be characterized by the historical implications as shocking, but in fact it is approaching the most terrible in the shadow of international silence that did not reach the limits of condemnation or denunciation, and did not rise at least to the level of the international demand for the need to dismantle the camp for lack of need, and its lack of humanitarian legitimacy which has always been the logo that Washington hide behind.

It is more dangerous that these shocking details from inside the camp are almost absent from the media scene, in the shadow of an American blackout that reaches the absolute limit of the spotlight on the suffering suffered by the displaced people inside the camp, where the political use of their presence is meant to be a blackmail paper that provides the American and his mercenaries more time playing waiting variables whereas events have proven that they will not come.

It is clear from the context of the experience that the American planning for the depletion of the current situation has reached its end, accompanied by endless evidence, that silence has become much more difficult to talk about the reality of the camp, and that the silence including the United Nations no longer have any justification, especially after the reality of the camp limits the US ability to continue practicing political blindness under false slogans.

 The Syrian experience with the issue of displaced persons has a high level of credibility. Neither the US administration nor its mercenaries nor the other sponsors of terrorism can question their results, which gives impetus to the Syrian-Russian joint attempt towards al-Rukban camp and a high level of credibility and seriousness, so that the requirements for the return of displaced people to their areas of origin free from terrorism can be provided.

Washington, which sent troops to Syria illegally did not provide any pretext to justify its existence, even at the expense of children and women, where the Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies concerned with the return of the displaced confirmed that, "Washington doesn't care about the humanitarian disaster it caused at the Al-Rukban Camp and trying to keep the camp as much time as possible in the al-Tanf area in order to justify its illegal presence in southern Syria."

All the facts confirm that the only responsible for the humanitarian disaster that our people are living in Al-Rukban camp is the American occupation and its tools which prevented the Syrian citizens in the camp by force and the threat of leaving it, despite the safe passages that were opened for all those wishing to leave this camp. According to a reliable resource at the Ministry of Expatriates, the final solution to the disaster experienced by these Syrians can't be done only with the departure of US forces from this region and others.

Perhaps the question today is addressed to the United Nations, based on the visits of the international officials to Syria and the extent of seriousness of this issue by seeking to move the debate from the bilateral or regional level to the international level, to withdraw the remaining pretexts to the Americans, whereas talking about solutions in the presence of terrorism, including the American, is considered a form of a major deception.

Sharif AL-Khatib


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