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To deal with the sane or the insane, THIS IS THE QUESTION!

Syria has ever been a peace-loving country, where civilization, history, amity and fraternity are intertwined in a unique mosaic of unity, Arabism, solidarity and secularity. Yesterday's re-opening of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Damascus is indeed a resurrection for those who were misled-or jealous- as to slaughter Cain!

Syrian commitment to her Arab roots, tradition and pure blood is one of the most noted characteristics for her as a country, people, causes, destiny and future. Actually the return of the misguided to the right track would immunize others more than Syria. Syria. Guided by the wisdom of her brilliant and courageous President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, is never interested in looking backwards, but to let bygones so, and look into the future. But, the tragic mistakes and fratricides should be learnt from!

The sinister scheme is to separate and divide Arabs into tiny isolated pieces in a permanent unrest, poverty and even wars! The new-colonialists have been engaged in a so-called 'Arab spring' war of attrition against Arabs, and under many silly pretexts: ethnicity, race, Iran, false democracy and human rights… The wounds and injuries of the Iraq, the Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia… and.. are still bleeding!


Arabs' awakening and return to the right track has been an urgent need and a perquisite to evade the more of destruction, fracture and bankruptcy! Misguided those who thought that the dismemberment of Arabs could serve and provide security for others, or richness to the colonialists. In the global village of today, and within a blink of an eye, unrest, instability, terror would spread all over the entire globe.

Hopefully, the return of Arabs to their beating heart and to their senses would motivated others worldwide, who are expectedly to pay dearly for their support for terrorism, crimes and sanctions,  to wake up and stop destroying the main pillar of civilization and humanity. Mr. Trump's recent declaration to withdraw his occupying troops from Syria is encouraging for stability, security and restoration for all. Hopefully, uncalculated reckless measures and policies are not to follow such an announced withdrawal!

Could such developments lead to a rational policy by Israel! One would expect the region to go towards peace, prosperity and building after such unjustified slaughter and destruction in the Middle East. Mr. Netanyahu's latest folly running forwards would not not save his grip on the helm of power; but might lead to a third-temple end!

Israel , the USA, and many, many  others have spared no evil efforts to enable terrorists to rule over the secular, modern and peaceful paradise! Isn't it the right time now as to repent on the via recta of damasco! Hatches should be buried as to enable coming generations to live in piece NOT in pieces! Syria, Russia, Iran, Hizbollah, and many others of those who have been fighting terrorism and multinational terrorists in defence of all are the wise pillar of this insane world. To deal with the sane or the insane, THIS IS THE QUESTION!


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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