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Arab League of Ewes and Treason

Unfortunately, the so-called League of Arab states  has been deformed into a cheap tool in the hands of anti-Arab imperial and colonial forces. Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, this League was literally kidnapped by Qatar and Saudi Arabia whether by a carrot or a stick, in a destructive dirty role against every form of supposed Arab solidarity .

The Syrian Arab Republic, a founding member of the League with a glorious central and pivotal role in Arab solidarity, joined action and serious cooperation was the target of every sinister move by the League in implementation for anti-Syria interests and dictations.

Syria, given its historic and national role, did expect from the League a national political approach in dealing with the crisis in Syria. Unexpectedly this League worked against the sovereignty , unity and dependence of Syria and took a series of illegal and dangerous decisions  against Syria and in flagrant violation of the League charter, principles and objectives. Thus,  after the illegal suspension of Syria's membership in the League, the League adopted resolution number 7595 dated March 6, 2013 calling on Syrian opposition to form an executive  body to occupy the Syrian seat in the League. This resolution does violate in letter and spirit the League charter, where article 2  of the charter calls for cooperation and safeguarding of the independence and sovereignty  of Arab member States. Further article 8 of the charter calls for respect among member states with a pledge that no member state would carry a measure  as to change a regime in another.

The League of Arab States, founded by the British as to divide and rule, has been transformed during the crisis in Syria, and as Dr. Bashar al-Jafaari, Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN, has recently clearly stated, into a "Dismembering"  Gulf  body controlled by petrodollars , Islamist ,  Wahhabi, takfiri   and jihadi fundamentalism". This League did  try to provoke the  UN Security Council against  Syria, causing the  collapse of the defensive lines on which the Arab and Islamic nations were built over decades and centuries.

 Actually, the ongoing in  Syria is indeed a  grave mistake and a big disadvantage of the League, particularly Qatar, the trouble maker which spared no efforts to kidnap today's Arab Summit, for the sole purpose of weakening and dismembering Syria. "you can lead a horse to a spring, but you can't force him to drink'; the Qatari and Saudi petrodollars can pay for some persons of a Syrian origin, but can never compel more than 20 million Syrians to abandon their morals, dignity, Syrianity, secularity nor their elected and dignified leadership. Doha's summit is but much ado about nothing as were more than  18 ministerial  Arab conferences to undermine the Syrian position. A league led by the ewes, sponsoring extremism and terrorism, calling for foreign military intervention in Syria, is but an example for treason, hatred and fratricide.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim