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The Strategic Role of Syria

The opening of Syria's crossing points with Jordan, the occupied part of the Israeli occupied Golan, and the ongoing measures as to cleanse what remains of terrorists and their backers as to reopen all crossing points with Iraq and Turkey is but the restoration of right, justice, peace and stability to Syria. It is a clear sign of victory against terrorism and its  supporters.

According to many analyses, one of the main reasons for such a terrorist large-scale aggression, supported by tens of the ewes, new colonialists and greedy powers,  was to dismember Syria into tiny parts and to isolate her.

Syria is indeed the cradle for geography, history and for civilization. Syria, thanks for the brave Martyrs, wounded heroes, for her Army, People, President, allies and anti-terrorism forces, was able to keep its unity, integrity and independence.

 Israel spared no efforts as to support, finance, arm al-nusra, al-Qaeda and Wahabbi affiliated terrorists, not only at Quneitra Crossing, but in all of the demilitarized zone, but crammed with armed to teeth terrorists! One can but to question what Israel gained from such a reckless policy other than killing the more of innocents, destruction and catastrophes.

Jordan is a brotherly country which is fortunate to have Syria on its borders as a gate, door and defender. Unfortunately, Jordan's role in what happened in Syria brought it , apart from some dirty sums of petrodollars, troubles, unrest and economic hardships. We are brothers and should be united in destiny, welfare and prosperity in lines with the principled Arab National Syrian policy. Syria gave water to Jordan even when many Syrians were thirsty!

With Lebanon and Iraq the Syrians are one people in three countries. Blood relations, fate, destiny, are all shared. What pains your neighbors surely pains you. What destroys your neighbors would one day destroy you. It seems that the plots and schemes hatched to dismember and cut links among the neighbors led but to the bolstering and cementing of their relations.

Turkey is invited to reconsider its huge losses, at least economically, from its stances in support for terrorism. Double-faced and zig-zagging chameleon polices are supposedly to end in the interest of the people of both countries. Idleb is Turkey's test  and golden opportunity for a better tomorrow for all!



Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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