Message for Peace

S-300 Advanced Air-defense System is but a wise measure by peace sponsors as to deter the region from sliding into the no-return buttons! An objective analysis and a thorough reading for the latest Israeli and new-colonials escalations against Syria and its allies would but indeed appreciate the balanced responses by Syria, Russia, Iran and by Hizbollah and other anti-terrorism forces.

Russia is to supply Syria, which has been under hundreds of air attacks by Israel and its sponsors for years,  with advanced means as to defend both Russia and Syria from such a reckless brutal unneeded for aggression. Acquiring defensive weapons to defend our people is necessary not only for our defense against further aggression, but as a peaceful means to restore stability and security to the entire region.

Russia, for whom and for its anti-terrorism martyred heroes all the world should bow heads  down  not only of shame but in respect and gratitude too,  begins the transference of electronic warfare systems to Latakia as to deter future aggression against its anti-terrorism badly needed for heroes  as well as in defense of its friends and allies. S-300 might have already been installed in Syria and for years! The Russians, Syrians, Iranians and Men of Hizbollah's hands are responsible and they have never  been war-mongers!


Actually,  the availability of such defensive means might be but the last resort to patience and self-control before setting all the region, if not the world, ablaze! Israel  has hundreds of nukes and all in the region have but defensive means and missiles. Israel is occupying our land and launching aggressions against us. S-300 might further be a defensive means for the Israelis themselves, especially  against the foolishness and recklessness  of  their governments' policies!

We need defensive means to save our people as a prelude to peace. The Syrian policy is wisely based on peace, and not on  sword-rattling and threats. Israel and its sponsors, including unfortunately some ewes, have left no means to support their cannibals and terrorists on the ground! Terrorism supporters, though caused destruction, poverty, and death, but gained what!

They gained nothing but defeat, losses and more risks in waiting! Enough is enough! It is now the time before late for the occupiers and terrorism backers to refrain from their futile and brutal gambling. It is now before late the opportunity for building minds, policy, lives as to somehow  partly compensate for the entire humanity has so far lost.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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