Syrians Elect Local Administration and Councils Representatives

Millions of Syrians wake up early today and started their day with casting their votes in the ballot boxes distributed all over the country, except some parts occupied by terrorists and uninvited occupiers.

Today's voting is considered by the Syrians as their duty to elect and choose their best representatives to the local councils in their villages, towns and cities.

Personally, I have had the opportunity as a journalist to witness and report about local administrations and councils elections in Europe. In fact, the Syrians crowded participations since the early hours surpassed by all accounts all other forms of democracy voting.

Voting polls for Local Administration elections were opened all over Syria at 7 o'clock Sunday morning.

More than 40 thousand candidates compete for 18478 seats.

6551 election centers are distributed in Syria's 14 governorates which have 88 elections centers, according to the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment.

Elections are to be closed at 7 pm today and can be extended for 5 hours if needed and according to the Higher Committee of Elections.


According to Article 130 of the Syrian Constitution, the Syrian Arab Republic consists of administrative units; and the law states their number, boundaries, authorities and the extent to which they enjoy the status of a legal entity, financial and administrative independence.

According to Article 131 of the Syrian Constitution:

1. The organization of local administration units is based on applying the principle of decentralization of authorities and responsibilities. The law states the relationship between these units and the central authority, their mandate, financial revenues and control over their work. It also states the way their heads are appointed or elected, their authorities and the authorities of heads of sectors.

2. Local administration units shall have councils elected in a general, secret, direct and equal manner.


 Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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