For the entire world's sake

Damascus has been glittering; it is the opening of its 60th fair. Darkness and backwardness of terrorism and all al-Qaeda affiliates and supporters were defeated, cleansed and liquidated. Thanks to the great sacrifices of the martyrs, wounded of ou hero Army, our brothers' and allies heroism.

For the entire world's sake, our great heroes withstood and defended all humanity against inhumanity, all life against slaughter and death, and all freedom against submission and new colonial greed. Damascus glittering and light is but the smile of every light and humanity for the rising dawn of a better today and the best of the best times of sovereignty, dignity, peace and honour.

The independent, sovereign and integrated Syrian Arab Republic is celebrating its fair of cooperation, fraternity and prosperity. It is Syria's call for rebuilding, construction, trade, commerce, finance exchanges in the interest of all in the global village of today.


So has Syria been; Syria has never worked but for its rights, land, glory, dissemination of the messages of peace, amity, tranquillity and amity everywhere. Was Syria rewarded for this as to be faced with such a world tsunami of multi-national terrorists, backed by more than 80 countries?

Syria's alliance against terrorism has been able to withstand and increasingly minute by minute cleansing the sacred territories from the cannibals and terrorists. Surely, the end of the remaining terrorists, particularly in Idleb, will not be different regardless of whatever false flags and sinister schemes might be used.

It has indeed been not only the fair of Damascus, but the fair of the all freedom fighters anti-terrorism forces. It is a sharp cry for life and building; a thundering call upon all as to contribute to the building, a call upon the brothers and sisters abroad to return back home to their roots and start buildings, and true life.

It has indeed been the fair of the hero victorious people, soldiers, and pioneers of civilization, humanity, freedom, and democracy; of the true defenders of Man, of the hero anti-terrorists in defence of human peace, dignity, rights, justice and equality.


 Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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