It is Adha Eid!

It is Adha Eid; so what! The Syrians are still prohibited from performing pilgrimage by the most dark and oppressive  once-by-British imposed Wahabbi monarchy. It is Adha and most of us are only honoured to make pilgrimage to the tombs and shrines of our beloved hero martyrs.

We, apart from the human and economic difficult conditions caused not only by terrorists but by unjust inhuman sanctions, are indeed blessed by the sacred pilgrimage to the sanctities our martyrs whose staunch and brave fight against the foreign-backed terrorism, which has been created, financed, armed by the old and new colonialists, occupiers, and Wahabbi satellite sheikhdom of fratricide, genocide, ignorance and shame.

The brothers-in arms- from Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and from every place where the fight is only legitimate and defensive against terrorism, oppression and aggression are indeed present here with us along with their beloved and are celebrating Adha joyfully! Thanks to their sacred sacrifices, to the sacred blood and heroism of our heroes, the defeat of the internationally backed terrorism is indeed the Eid!

Had it not been for the beloved brothers, sisters' sacrifices and heroism, not only Syria but most of the world would have been by now shrouded in darkness, slaughter and ignorance, would have been by now milked by the greedy cowboys and their cannibals.

It is Eid; and the Wahabbis and the dirty petro-dollars are  still active in slaughtering the Yemenis, Syrians, Iraqis and all others; are still bribing and threatening the brothers as not to stand shoulder to shoulder against the plague of terrorism!

The mere thinking about harming the standing brotherly relations between Syria and its brothers and sisters is indeed a big treason! Treason not only for religion and the noble doctrines of peace, amity and fraternity; but against all humanity. Syria's solid and strategic relations are indeed one of the main pillars, thanks to the late President Hafez Al-Assad and the wisdom and courage of President Bashar, of its pride, honour and victory.

Let barking dogs bark! Syria, along with its brothers and anti-terrorism forces, is but to cleanse all of Syria from Al-Qaeda affiliates, even the backers were the big trouble maker and its followers! It is our sacred territory, and every inch is to be definitely liberated.

Syria is indeed waging the war against terrorism and on behalf of the entire globe. The cow boys are advised ,and before it is too late, to go back to their families across oceans and seas. Wooden coffins or plastic bags might not be available or needed this time!

Our own resources, determination, courage and hands, along with those of the just and righteous allies and brothers, are our Marshal Plan. Yes, we can and surely will do. Syria is never to be a satellite state; but THE independent, integrated, democratic, and free State.


 Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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