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Thanks to The Army's Heroic Deeds

President Bashar Al-Assad, the Commander in Chief of the Army and Armed Force has stressed that Syria is facing a terrorist takfiri enemy, which is matchless in treachery and hatred  and which is backed by regional and international parties that have been for years aiming to dominate the entire region.

In a statement marking the Syrian Arab Army's 72nd Foundation Anniversary, President Al-Assad said that "thanks to the army's heroic deeds, the blood of our martyrs and the cohesion of our people we managed to keep steadfast and achieve many gains."

 President Al-Assad saluted the army on their day and expressed pride in their heroic acts and sacrifices in defense of the homeland's sovereignty and independence. He also saluted the families of the army personnel and the wounded soldiers and asked God to bless the souls of the martyrs.

"We are still facing a terrorist takfiri enemy which is matchless in treachery and hatred and which is supported by several regional and international parties that have been for years aiming to dominate the entire region," President Al-Assad said.


"Our valiant heroes…we kept steadfast and achieved many gains thanks to your heroic deeds, sacrifices, and wounds, thanks to our people's cohesion and support for the their army in defense of the homeland and thanks to our martyrs' blood that purified Syria's soil from the dirtiness of aggressors," President Al-Assad added.

Addressing protectors of the homeland and victory makers, President Al-Assad said "today, by your solid will and determination, you are writing down the epic of glory and drawing the features of imminent victory. You are perpetuating security and stability across our beloved homeland in order to make it as safe and healthy as we always knew. So keep your pledge as being the protectors of the land and dignity, the guards of the sun which will never set on the land of civilization and alphabet. Be sure, you will triumph because you are the sons of this generous land which used to bring up honest people like you."

In a written word to the Syrian Armed Forces on the 71st anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army establishment, President Assad reiterated that the Army is ever to remain the pillar of security and stability in the region and the fortification for the homeland in defense of its sovereignty and dignity.

The Syrian Arab Army is the most able to encounter terrorism  and given the achieved on the ground in many regions to  eliminate it too, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

For more than 5 years you have been encountering the fiercest aggressive terrorist attack against Syria standing steadfast in the face of hegemony schemes and the new-old colonialism bids which were foiled at the gates of our pride, power, coherence and steadfastness, added H.E. President Al-Assad.

"The world in its entirety has witnessed your steadfastness and strength in defending your homeland; you have proven to the enemy before the friend that you belong to a deep-rooted establishment of a glorious honorable history full with pages of victory,'' outlined President Al-Assad.

You have been fighting with honor enduring hardships encountering challenges steadfastly in full allegiance and loyalty to the homeland and to the Syrians who rally around and stand with you in the fight against the enemies of humanity, civilization and history, reiterated H.E. President Al-Assad.

President Assad, the Commander in Chief of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces, called for more awareness, willingness and redoubling of efforts with full determination as to achieve victory securing a brilliant future up to the Syrians' aspirations

May our blessed hero Martyrs rest in peace and our wounded get better soon, concluded President Al-Assad.

 Every national occasion has its own niche in the peoples memory and the more sublime it is, the more glory and power it has over the passage of time. On the occasion of the 70 Anniversary of Syrian Arab Army Day, August 1, 2015, the Syria Times on-line has the pleasure to published some of the Words given by H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad in celebration of this  great occasion:

 President Bashar Al-Assad addressed the Syrian Arab Army through Jaish al-Shaab (The Army of the People) magazine on the 69th anniversary of its foundation.

In his address, President Al-Assad extended heart-felt congratulations to the Syrian Army commanders and rank and file on the occasion, saying that they held up a shining example in giving, sacrifice and loyalty to homeland.

Since its inception, the Syrian Army has proved to be the nation’s impregnable fortress and the defender of its rights and dignity, the President said.

“Since its foundation and until this day, the Syrian army continues to prove that it is competent enough to carry out the mission that the Syrian people entrusted them with; that is to preserve security, stability and defend land, and to stand up for what is right,” the President said.

President Al-Assad added that the Syrian Army carries on every day the war of defending Homeland, tears down the pillars of the cross-borders terrorism, break down the dreams of its masters and supporters by heroism and sacrifices of the Syrian soldiers to take Syria to land of peace and security.

The President congratulated the Army for the confidence  of the citizens who supported the Army and stood by it in one rank to defend Homeland, rejecting any form of subordination to the external and adhering to their national, independent decision and expressing their free will.

President Al-Assad saluted the Syrian steadfast citizens who support their Army against the takfiri terrorism to go ahead towards victory and restore security and stability to every bit of the Homeland’s soil.

The President said that our war with terrorism is a war of destiny and existence where there is no space for any mildness, adding that we are today determined, more than any time before, to resist projects of division and colonial sedition which target Syria and the whole region.

“Because we reject compromising our causes or abandoning our rights, we should not depart from our principles… there is no relinquishing of our rights and there is no retreat from defending Homeland,” President Al-Assad said.

The President appreciated the Army’s high efforts exerted to fulfill its noble duties in protecting Syria and guaranteeing the future of its sons, greeting the mothers and families of martyrs.

President Al-Assad: pressures and conspiracies increase determination and insistence upon encountering challenges

Lieutenant General President Bashar Al-Assad, Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces, highly lauded the Syrian Armed Forces as the guardians of Syria's dignity, and pride, shielding the Syrian borders with their bodies and keeping ever vigil on Syria's security, safety and stability.

On the 68th Anniversary of the Syrian Army Foundation Day, President Al-Assad addressed the Army members saying: " With your heroism, you write down the letters of victory, embody the conscience of the people, protect the people's values and aspirations, and with your sacrifices, you safeguard the homeland unity, safeguard its sacred soil, and sacrifice every precious and expensive as to keep the homeland flag flapping and high."

"You have been showing unique courage in the face of terrorism and its backers, and you have stunned the entire world by your steadfastness and ability to overcome difficulties and achieve accomplishments, expressing a unique manhood in the encountering of most severe barbaric war in modern history," added H.E. President Al-Assad, highly appreciating the distinguished role of the Syrian hero Army in preserving, for nearly 7 decades, the civilized identity of the Arab Nation and Syria, the motherland of the Alphabet and the cradle of human civilization.

"Oh! courageous brave men of the homeland, you have been and would ever indeed  remain the Army of the People through what you have offered of sacrifices; so the People have put trust in you and stood shoulder to shoulder with you in the trench of the defense of the homeland. Thus, such a  creative interaction and national cohesion exists in the resistance Syria between our hero Army and dignified people as the essence of our success and title of our heroic steadfastness.'' Added H.E. President Al-Assad, the Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces

"You have proved to the entire world that pressures and conspiracies, even varied and intensified, would but increase your determination and insistence upon encountering the challenges, reiterating that Syria has basics which can never be breached into; these basics lie in the interests of the Syrian Arab people, and its national and pan-Arab objectives. History would register in letters of illumination your sacrifices, and heroism in defense of the homeland," added Lieutenant General, Al-Assad, the Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces.

"Had we in Syria not been confident of the victory, we wouldn't possess the ability to steadfast, nor would we have the capability to withstand after more than 2 years of the aggression. My trust in you is big and my belief is strong that you have the capability to shoulder the responsibility and carry out your national tasks as to be ever, as our Syrian people have known you, the hero soldiers, who add the brightest pages to the history of our hero Army, representing the leading example for pride, vigor and belonging to the homeland." Said H.E. President Al-Assad.

Lieutenant General Bashar Al-Assad, the Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces, concluded his message to the Syrian hero Army and Armed Forces highly lauding and appreciating the Syrian martyrs, martyrs families, and the Syrians at large, who embody through their cohesiveness and integration with the Army a unique example for national unity, amity and fraternity.

Syria's battle with the enemy takes multiple forms and clear goals as it determines the destiny of our people and nation, underscored President Bashar Al-Assad, Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces.

In a written speech to the Syrian army on the 67 anniversary of the Army Foundation Day, President Al-Assad asserted that the enemy exploited internal agents as a bridge to destabilize the homeland, undermine the citizens' safety and drain our economic and scientific capabilities with the aim of weakening us and preventing us from drawing up our future and improving our society to the level of the developed countries.

President Al-Assad pointed out that "the enemies wanted to prevent our people from their national decision but they were surprised by the Syrian people who stood as one man against their schemes and defeated them, leading them to look for a way out of their defeats, plot more schemes and assign the task of carrying out such schemes to local agents."

The President added that the Syrian people have foiled all these schemes and dropped all bets on influencing their awareness and proved that they cannot be subjugated.

President Bashar Al-Assad greeted the Syrian army who defends the homeland's sovereignty and the nation's dignity, hailing the Syrian army's struggle for more than half a century which plyed a prominent role in preserving the nation's identity and its cultural, social and intellectual components.

President Al-Assad went on addressing the Syrian army: "You wrote the greatest epic of heroism and pride and proved through facing the war waged against our country and confronting the criminal terrorist gangs that you are entrusted with the values of our people to whom you belong and faithful to their history and civilization," asserting that the Syrian army and armed forces personnel will ever remain the title for such authentic belonging.

President Al-Assad added "You represent the aspiration of our people in defending their dignity and honor and restoring stability and security of the homeland due to your determination to implement your sacred duty towards the homeland," asserting that each citizen derives his strength from our soldiers as they are the men who devoted themselves to defend the country by land, sea and air.

The President called on the armed forces for more readiness and continued preparedness to remain the armor and fortress of the homeland, voicing his big confidence in our armed forces, seen by the Syrians as the source of their pride and the defender of their legitimate causes.

President Al-Assad greeted the spirits of our martyrs who sacrificed their souls for defending their homeland, saluting the families of the martyrs and wishing the wounded quick recovery.

His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad addressed the armed forces in a speech published in the People's Army magazine on Sunday on occasion of the 66th anniversary of forming the Syrian Arab Army.

 In the speech, President Al-Assad saluted the members of the armed forces and wished them well on this occasion, saying that since its inception, the Syrian Army was a model of commitment to the nation's causes and a defender of its rights, proving to be an impregnable fortress foiling the dreams and suspect plans of enemies, allowing Syria to remain a role model of national unity, amity, fraternity and coexistence.

 President Al-Assad said that Syria, destined to be at the heart of this geo-strategic area, is made the beating heart of the nation by the will of its sons, and that Syrians believe that adherence to national and pan-Arab stances increases the enmity against them, yet they still remain fully confident that Syria is capable of foiling the new chapter in the conspiracy through the awareness of its people and national unity.

 The President pointed out that the conspiracy was carefully plotted to fragment Syria in order to fragment the entire area, but the people who concocted the conspiracy forgot that Syria has unique characteristics that make it immune to conspiracies.

 "Syria is used to creating victories and defeating the enemies of the country and nation… today we are more determined to follow the course of dignity with sure steps based on personal abilities… it knows how to do it to add a new victories and leave warmongers and blood merchants to taste the bitterness of defeat and disappointment," President Al-Assad said.

 The President pointed out that the conspirators wished to cause sedition that leaves nothing behind, but the Syrian people proved bigger than plots and managed to end sedition and make a responsible stand to explore the areas of weakness and deal with them, opening prospects of comprehensive reform that will not stop despite the financial, technological, diplomatic, media and military resources that are deployed against Syria.

 "This vicious attack won't fare any better than the previous ones… all of Syria's honest people are confident that we will emerge from the crisis more powerful, more present and more effective regionally and internationally," President Al-Assad said, stressing that the Syrian Army proved its loyalty to its people, country and creed, and that its efforts and sacrifices will be admired, adding that these sacrifices succeeded in foiling the enemies of the country and ending sedition, preserving Syria.

President Al-Assad said that Syria will present its own model of freedom, democracy and political pluralism, paving the way to a future made by Syrians according to their convictions and interests, not according to what the nation's enemies want.

 The President pointed out that those who think that pressures and conspiracies can make Syria relinquish some of its rights and principles are wrong, and that Syria's belief in just and comprehensive peace doesn't mean relinquishing a speck of soil or a drop of water, affirming that the Syrian Arab Golan will remain Arab and Syrian and will return to the homeland Syria.

 "We will remain free in our national decision-making and sovereign in our international relations and our resistant course to achieve just and comprehensive peace according to international legitimacy resolutions that stipulate for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab lands up to the June 4th 1967 line… those who bet on other than that are delusional… hardships make us more resilient, conspiracies make us stronger, and pressure causes it to adhere more to our standards and rights that cannot be liquidated or marginalized," President Al-Assad said.

 The President affirmed that in spite of its enemies, Syria will remain a symbol of amity, peace, security, safety and stability that preserves the dignity of the state and the dignity of citizens.

 President Al-Assad concluded by saluting the members of the armed forces, the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Syria, the families of martyrs, the families of armed forces personnel, and the entire Syrian people who proved capable of preserving national unity and coexistence through national awareness, affirming that a new victory is imminent and a bright future that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people is approaching.

On August1, 2009, His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad, the General Commander in Chief of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces underlined in a speech on the 64th Anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army Foundation Day:  “We do seek the Just and Comprehensive Peace; however, the difference is huge between the sincere call for the realization of this Peace in implementation for International Legitimacy Resolutions and the acceptance of the Israeli demands, which contradict the basics of the Peace evading its requirements. The Peace and occupation are contradictory, and are never to meet together. The return of all the occupied territories to the borders of June 4th, 1967 is never to be for negotiations or for compromise. The Syrian Arab Golan is to ever remain Arab in the hand, face, and tongue; Syrian in air, water, Land, and Man, and is to fully return to the bosom of the Motherland.” 

“Syria, People and Leadership, share your Festival joy, while you are contributing to the bolstering of the self-capabilities of this resistant Country. The course of events has proved the correctness of the approach and the right of the drive. Syria today, thanks to her National cohesion and her Army and people rallying behind her Leadership, is more committed to her National and Pan-Arab Basics, and more determined as to restore every grain of the Land, and every drop of the Water,” added H. E. President Al-Assad.

“I do have a big trust in you as well in your capacity to add new glorious pages to the record of our doctrinal Army, which has written many pages of heroism, and sacrifice in manifestation of the best of courage and steadfastness, as well as of belonging and sincere loyalty to the Homeland, and to the inveterate Nation deeply rooted ever living in the profundity of Human Civilization. You have always manifested the willingness to join the convoys of the Martyrs, sacrificing every dear and expensive for the carrying out of your sacred duty, and to the best of performance. With the sacrifices of the Army and the People, the Independence from the colonizer was achieved in demonstration of the Homeland Sons will.” added H. E. President Al-Assad.

“Our Armed Forces have been and would ever be the symbol for our National Unity, of which we are proud, and are keen to strengthen its immunity in the face of all hardships. You have proved, through your preparedness, training acceleration, experience and skill refinements, to represent but the willingness of our dignified and generous People. You have been and would ever be the centre of the hope, and sacrifice, the inexhaustible spring of sacrifice and giving, because its tributaries extend to enter every house in the honoured Syria and her full of life and resistant people, in whose conscience and affection you dwell. Such a noble and remarkable mingling between the Army and the People is the active influential sap from which the Syrian Policy takes the factors of its power.” concluded His Excellency the General Command in Chief of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces.

H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad, the Supreme Commander of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the Army Foundation Day addressed the following word:

Your sacrifices and heroism have protected this sacred land, your blood and sweating drops have been mixed with the soil of this sacred land. You have protected this very land with your fathoms and forearms , your persistence and efforts as solid shields protecting the Homeland and the Man, your vigil eyes safeguarding tranquillity and safety, and with your salvos-flames against aggressors and aggression. You have scarified your souls when risks deem it necessary; whereby your brothers have irrigated this sacred land with their sacred blood, as the blessed martyrs by God as well as by the people. Thus, here you are pursuing the march through your sacrifices, efforts, and giving, rushing for training with power and activity, and getting ever ready for sacrifice , every sacrifice, till the landslide victory.

 The realities of the past years and their consequent development of events have proved that Syria is never taken by pressures , never frightened by sticks, nor taken by carrots that are not in line with the correctness of justice and rights. Our national rights as well as our people interests are the objective, and the criterion upon which, and only upon which, the course of our movement, stances and decisions , is to be drawn. Syria, which has shouldered the national responsibility, hoisted the banner of struggle and steadfastness, defended the rights, and chosen the course of the dignified life, is to remain ever loyal to her stances, firm to her basics, and determined as to restore every inch of her occupied land; hence the land is the issue of sovereignty, dignity, and rights, which are never to be subject for compromise nor abandoning.

In favour of our people and Army, we are stronger than ever, more able and determined as to cling to our national basics, apart from this party or other’s control over the international decision. As a matter of fact, our people rights can never be cancelled by force, never abolished by the course of time. The realities of history assert that the will of the people is the strongest and most durable and the victorious at the end of the course.

The region has witnessed, during recent years, serious changes, which stormed the region with all of its states due to the trend of hegemony and control by some international powers greedy to our region. Though of the many continued miseries resulting from this, several other facts have also been the result; the most notable of which is the victory of the national resistance approach and its consecration within the depth of our Arab people conscience and identity, as well as the firm consecration of the will of life and liberty in the essence of the Arab conscience. This has blocked the schemes of occupation and hegemony. This blocking ,however, does not mean the abandoning of aggressive trends by the owners of the New Middle East project. Thus, the door is open before all possibilities; which deems it necessary for all as to prepare the means, reinforce the ability, and get self-prepared for whatever consequences as to respond highly to the presented tasks . From this point the Syrian keenness stems as to bolster the factors of her strength, Army and people, in all fields and at all levels; while seeking the just and comprehensive peace on the bases of the International Legitimacy resolutions and the principle of the land for the peace, working sincerely as to achieve this, in strong belief that the real peace is the guarantee for ending tension, serving justice to the rights, realizing security and stability for all of the region.

Our desire for peace in no way means the renunciation of our rights. Syria, leadership, people, and army, is never to accept but the restoration of the Golan fully to the borders of June 4, 1967. The liberation of our occupied land is the sacred duty, before being the legitimate right guaranteed by the international legitimacy and its affiliated organizations resolutions. You, in the Armed Forces, without fail, are aware of this fact, aware of the nature of our precipitate enemy. Our duty is to defend our homeland, dignity and sovereignty. You are the most able as to maintain the pledge, preserve the objective embodying the national and human values of our nation, people and army.

 We have made serious strides forward on the way of development and growth, realized varied accomplishments in all fields of society and life. Our armed forces and its members have been present as the objective in every work and step; and would ever remain an object and means at the same time for development. Before us remains a lot to achieve and accomplish, though of all of what we have achieved and accomplished. The objectives and ambitions are so expansive as to be halted; A lot of work and of different national tasks are still waiting for us . Just as you have been the pioneers and support for what has been achieved, We pin our hopes on you for the future of the homeland and the welfare of our people.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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