By Janice Kortkamp is with Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

 Sitting in a park in Missouri with Little Dog where I have some phone connection, catching up on news thanks to you all  and thinking thoughts.

These photos are of President Assad and First Lady Asma of Syria with injured soldiers and children of injured and martyred soldiers.

I personally want everything for Syria: the war to end soon, the reclaiming of every inch of their country, the end of US and its allies attempts to control and weaken it as well as their illegal occupation; the end of sanctions designed to make the Syrian people suffer for standing against the US regime change war, help with rebuilding from countries that did not support the US led war...

And for any and all countries that armed and supported terrorists, especially the US, to be held accountable for war crimes. And for them all - the US, UK, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to pay hundreds of billions in reparations.

And not just all that, but acknowledgment of the lies and slanders against this leader and the armed forces who have been fighting terrorists and defending their homeland.

Nothing can restore the precious lives lost, the hopes and dreams that have died, the years gone, the tears shed, the fear and anger and suffering and the destruction of so much of the infrastructure.

I want embassies from around the world to reopen in Damascus and for Syrian embassies that were forced to close down reopened. And real ambassadors appointed, not State Dept thugs on a mission to destabilize and nurture violent uprisings.

And I want the respect and admiration owed that strong, beautiful and so gracious country to be returned to all the good people, with interest ... the understanding of what they've been through to resist the greed and violence of stronger nations.

Following her latest visit to Syria, Mrs. Janice wrote:

"Assad apologist"

Definition according to main stream media and belligerent online commenters and bloggers:

1. Anyone who supports the sovereignty of Syria and rejects the "right" of the US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to overthrow its legitimate government, illegally invade and occupy it, steal its natural resources, and use proxy armies of terrorists to do their dirty work.

2. Anyone who shares the testimonies of Syrians living in and outside Syria who support their president and army against the US and allies terrorist-proxy regime change war.

3. Anyone who reveals that President Assad, the Syrian Army and allies have in fact been fighting ISIS, al Qaeda and legions of other extremists and are not wantonly going around Syria killing civilians and nor gassing women and children or anyone else for that matter.

4. Anyone who shares information regarding the positive vision and work of President Assad for example the protection of all religious groups, the empowerment of women, the growing democratic structures, the commitment to quality education for all children, the focus on quality healthcare available to all, the care for families of the fallen and wounded and also displaced persons - including families of fighters waging war against the government, etc.

5. Anyone who doesn't support the head chopping, torturing, kidnapping, raping, looting "freedom fighters" who tried to bring "freedom and democracy" via harsh, throwback, women enslaving, minority butchering, "democracy is polytheism, haram" violence and who are all paid and armed and recruited for by foreign governments.

Happy Tuesday from a proud, 100% independent, 100% self-funded "Assad apologist" in Damascus.

As my trip to Syria is winding down, just wanted to share some feelings with you all.

First to all of you who sent contributions to help make this trip possible - thank you! From my heart and from my eyes as people say here, I love you! Same for all of you who have encouraged and supported what I'm doing, who share my posts etc. We are quite a diverse family and how I love that .

Anger, frustration and tears - oh my! On being a journalist, maybe the word should be journal-ish or journey-ist, about Syria...

I used to be a pilot and for every plane you fly you must be familiar with its performance envelope. How high, how far, how fast or slow depending on many variables. But that envelope is fixed.

A human being's performance envelope is not. Our abilities and strengths either grow or they shrivel and fade but it's always a process and sometimes a painful one.

I made a decision years ago to just be raw and vulnerable in this quest for the truth about Syria. I cringe when anyone refers to me as an "expert". It is impossible for someone like me to be so about another country, especially one as ancient and deep as Syria.

I realize I'm much more effective when I'm positive and building bridges than when I rage and fume and condemn. But to not share those feelings as well as the love would be dishonest in my opinion.

This is a dirty war, a dirty "game" against Syria and the amazing, joyful, resilient and strong people here - not just Syria of course but many countries and people groups. The stakes are the highest and the costs are the greatest; humility and compassion are required.

I believe, if things keep going as they are, opportunities to visit will get easier and I hope all of you who long to come here will get that chance for what can be a truly life changing visit.

Most importantly, the only thing that really matters is for peace to return to all Syria soon. It is their country and their future and no one is better equipped to care for it than Syrians themselves. Yankee army go home. Nikki Haley shut your mouth. ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News and all the rest do your job instead of shilling for weapons makers and war mongers.

One Syrian friend was very clear. "If you see something bad here, share it. If you see something good share that."

Well I've been around a bit in Syria. What I see that's bad is this dirty war against it. What I see that's good are the people surviving, defending their country, and insisting on living life through it all.

What a privilege to be here with them and to share with them about you all out there who love and support them.

With love - and anger and frustration and tears for the suffering - from Syria to you friends  and some random - not tourist - pics and video.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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