A Better Tomorrow!

The mass popular thrust into the merciful hugs of the Syrian Army and its allies in the Southern part of Syria is but a further proof that many of not all of the Syrians who went astray were indeed brainwashed, misled or forced!

Following up the unfolding events of the liberation of the Syrian sacred soil from the cannibalism of extremism, terrorism, thousands of the Syrians hurried to embrace their family members. The Army in Syria consists of all, particularly those who are young at the age of compulsory conscripts. It has indeed been a family  gathering.

Mothers, sisters and the old were in tears complaining to the Arm and its allies about the terrorist treatment and dealing with the Syrians who were kidnapped by the terrorists, among whom many were non-Syrians and extremists exported to Syria and paid for as mercenaries  to teach the Syrians the way of living according to pre-history ages!

It has been a non-stop surrender and reconciliations; surrender to the reality that Syria is strong and has the heroes to defend it and self-reconciliations  that life is peace, building, amity and fraternity and never war, destruction, and cannibalism.

Syria, of more than at least 10 thousand years of consecutive civilizations, is at the directives of its hero defender President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad is fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire globe as to safeguard and defend the life of  all humans .

Had it not been for the sacrifices of the Syrian anti-terrorism and life defenders and their allies, the region, if not all the world would have been turned by now into a butchery house! Prayers and crossings are to our hero Martyrs as to rest in peace and to our wounded speedy recovery.

Your sacrifices are not only cleansing the region from terrorists but reshaping the world as a new multi-polar one! The sacred blood of anti-terrorism heroes  is paving the way for a better tomorrow built on equality, justice and peace.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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