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Dialogue the Way Out

The ongoing efforts exerted by the Syrian Government aim mainly  at the implementation of the executive plan of the political program for the political solution for the crisis in Syria, not to mention the measures taken to stand up to the challenges imposed by the crisis..

This very plan enjoys the support of the majority of the Syrians, who are interested in restoring the stability and security to their motherland, Syria. The majority wants  reform, construction and building against every form of terrorism, destruction and unrest.

Almost every delegation, party and organization, who were received by the special committee for executing the political program, chaired by Premiere  Wael  al_Halqi, voiced support to the program and to the dialogue among the Syrians to emerge out victories from the crisis. The special committee has held so far more than thirty meetings with representatives of different spectra of the Syrian society, intellectuals, parties and organizations. The meetings were cordial, open, frank and fruitful. Syria's welfare, will being, reconciliation and interests were the second to none priority by all. Stress was laid on the need to fight foreign backed terrorism and defeat it, and to achieve victory against colonial and greedy forces of darkness. The remarkable achievements of the Syrian hero army were highly lauded and appreciated .

The discussions, according to the news circulated and reported, were serious and constructive. The viewpoints exchanged, varied and different at times , were identical as far as the main issues of concern: Syria is above all and for all Syrians. Hopefully by the end of March, Syria's long awaited for dialogue conference would yield what Syria, the cradle of civilization, and Syrians merit and deserve. After all it's the majority of the Syrian's free choice and ballot boxes in commitment to the path of the real builders of modern Syria.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim