"Any person who leaves Syria constitutes a loss to the homeland"

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, who has been leading a fierce war against terrorism not only in defense of the Syrians, but of the entire humanity, reiterated in his ONT Channel Interview, May 11, 2017:  the return of the refugees is necessary; and we always call on the refugees to return to Syria. As to the timing, every time is an appropriate time for any group of refugees to return. There are no obstacles in this regard; and the state is trying its best to provide the necessary services for those who are displaced inside Syria, and not necessarily outside Syria. Many of them changed places because of terrorism, and the state will provide services in this regard with support from friendly countries in the humanitarian field."

"In general, we don’t need them now. We can build our country using our capabilities. Syria, throughout its ancient and modern history, has been built by Syrian hands, not foreign ones. We have the capabilities to rebuild our country. Money will come gradually. The refugees will bring their money back, and things will move ahead. We have no concerns about this, for we don’t need money from those states or those officials who supported terrorism and bloodshed in Syria during this crisis," added President Assad.


"…were displaced when the terrorists entered these areas, and not the army. When the army entered, only a small number left, most of them are family members of the terrorists. These families now live under state control, not under terrorists’ control."  President Assad's Al-Watan Daily Interview, December 7, 2016

"… there are no accurate figures about those who left Syria or were displaced inside Syria. There are approximate figures, because people move inside Syria without registering themselves as displaced people. They go to villages where they have relatives and live with friends’ families. Most of them come from areas where there are terrorists and move to areas controlled by the state, seeking safety. But I don’t believe that the problem is that of figures. The problem is that up till now, there is no serious action taken by many countries of the world to solve the problem of these people. They deal with the issue of emigration as if it only concerned the outside world. They want to receive them in some European countries, provide them with shelter and aid, and probably send some aid to those displaced inside Syria. This doesn’t solve the problem. The main problem is that of terrorism. That’s why we should fight terrorism on the international level, because terrorism is not related to Syria alone. It exists in Iraq, it is supported directly by Turkey, by the Saudi royal family, and some Western countries like France and Britain. Other countries behave like bystanders and onlookers. They don’t take any serious action. I believe that herein lies the problem, not in the figures themselves," reiterated President Assad in his Interview with Russia’s RIA Novosti and Sputnik, March 30-31, 2016.

"Any person who leaves Syria constitutes a loss to the homeland, to be sure, regardless of the position or capabilities of that person. This, of course, does not include terrorists. It includes all citizens in general with the exception of terrorists. So, yes, there is a great loss as a result of emigration. You raised a question on elections. Last year, we had a presidential election in Syria, and there were many refugees in different countries, particularly in Lebanon. According to Western propaganda, they had fled the state, the oppression of the state and the killing of the state, and they are supposed to be enemies of the state. But the surprise for Westerners was that most of them voted for the president who is supposed to be killing them. That was a great blow to Western propaganda."  President Bashar Al-Assad's Russian Media Interview, September 16, 2015.

"In most cases, terrorists enter particular areas and force out the civilians. Why do you think we have so many displaced people? Most of the millions of displaced people in Syria have fled their homes because terrorists forcefully entered their neighbourhoods. If there are civilians among these armed groups, why do we have so many displaced people? The army is fighting armed terrorists, and in some cases, terrorists have used civilians as human shields. Civilian casualties are unfortunately the consequences of any war. There is no such thing as a clean war in which there are no innocent civilian victims. This is the unfortunate nature of war, and that is why the only solution is to put an end to it," outlined H.E. President Assad in his interview with Agence France Presse AFP 20-01-2014.

With this in mind, came yesterday's Foreign and Expatriates Ministry appeal and call upon all Syrian citizens, who were forced by the war and terrorist attacks to leave the country,  to return home when most of Syria  has been cleansed from terrorists  by the Syrian Arab Army, and anti-terrorism allies..

"The government of the Syrian Arab Republic, is fully  responsible for the security and safety of its citizens and their daily requirements for normal life, including infrastructure, hospitals and schools," underlined the ministry statement calling on the entire world to shoulder responsibility for  the return of the displaced Syrians to their homeland, on terrorism backers to halt their support to the scorpion of terrorism, and for lifting the coercive illegal economic measures and sanctions, one main cause for their displacement and agony.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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