Colonial Powers… Where to?

Syria's destiny has ever been to defend itself, sacrifice and vanquish. The ongoing battle for dialogue, reconciliation on one hand and for combating terrorists on the other is on until the world's colonial, greedy, and satellite ewes stop their arming, sheltering and training of killers and terrorists. If the Syrians, Army and civilians, aren't to defend Syria, do they deserve even their identity?

The fierce attacks by colonial powers, especially France and UK, and flagrant violations of every international law have been escalated with French President Francois Hollande and British Premier, David Cameron's recent calls on Europe's leaders to lift an arms embargo on Syria and supply the already armed to teeth multinational terrorists with the more of killing and destruction means.

However, there are still some voices of reason inside the EU, who realistically oppose the more of arms smugglings and supplies to the terrorists, mostly al-Qaeda affiliated groups. Thus, Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger warned against the British Government's call for arming the Syrian opposition, as transgressing EU agreements, asserting that "The British approach to arm the Syrian opposition or train gunmen in Jordan or any neighboring country to Syria could lead to a rapid Britain's violation of the EU agreements". In tandem, German FM, Guido Westerwelle, warned that the supply of weapons to opposition would but break the more of fires.

Would the anti-Syria warmongers resort to reason and support the ongoing tireless efforts for political solution for the crisis in Syria? And to what extent would they seriously consider Minister Sergei Lavrov's warnings that arming the Syrian opposition would be against international law, and seriously too consider Minister Lavrov's  concerns about the presence of takfiri extremists and terrorists in Syria?


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim