President Putin's Call

In the recently held Sochi Summit between Presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin, a call was reiterated for the withdrawal of foreign forces from the Syrian Territories. This has indeed been an indirect political call on the occupying US, French and other un-invited forces of occupation to end their illegal and illegitimate occupation.

Had it not been so, President Putin would have ordered his men to leave Syria. Actually, the Russians , the partners in the sacred blood in defense of the world, and hero brothers in the fight against terrorism along with Hizbollah, Iran, and every anti-terrorists, have been playing a pivotal role in defense of all world and in reshaping the globe on the basis of justice, legality and freedom.

For many, Sochi  can be considered as the last call for the occupiers withdrawal before the plastic or wooden boxes are to be crammed with what might remain of the occupiers' flesh! The Russians are specialized with eliminating ISIS and other terrorist groups, BUT some other anti-terrorism forces are famed for their struggle and fight against the occupiers of their own territories.

The Syrian territories, resources, civilizations are but Syrian and for the Syrians! The occupiers' dreams in and with the Syrian Paradise, baptized with the blood of all the  anti-terrorism noble martyrs, are doomed to be Satan's  definite hell.

Damascus, Damascus Countryside, are cleaned from the occupiers' dirt and garbage! The greedy occupiers with the  ewes and their cannibals on the ground are being defeated and liquidated.

Millions of Syrians, for the first time after long thorny years of savage and terrorist shelling and attacks, feel now the blessing of living in the oldest continuously inhabited capital worldwide. This is but an assertion that Moscow, Tehran , and many other capitals worldwide are to enjoy and live in  peace.

It is now more than late that the occupiers should withdraw from the sacred land of Syria. As the terrorists on the ground are being cleansed, the backers, financers and masters of these terrorists should too immediately  withdraw or be mercilessly, and out of the legitimate right to self-defense , be cleansed.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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