All Syrians' Battle

Syria is indeed progressing towards victory as the real Sheikh Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun, Syria's Grand Mufti, outlined recently in a Syrian TV interview.

Syria is an example of diversity, strength, amity and goodness; consequently, for about two years, Syria has been targeted by the hatred of the world's most technologically-advanced countries and of some regional and Arab states.

Syrians are to vanquish and never to surrender defending their history and protecting their homeland from the schemes targeting its existence.

"The Syrian Arab Army- in a state of self defense against multinational foreign-backed terrorists- is the nation's army. It is tasked with protecting the homeland and defending the Arab and Islamic nations. It is not affiliated to a certain person, party or sect" Sheikh Hassoun underscored said.

The Syrian hero Army, with millions of Syrians stand with and behind it in the ongoing fight and struggle against al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists, has been excellently defending Syria in implementation of its constitutional, legal and moral obligations and duties. It is the Army of every Syrian family and citizen. Syria is above all, and every Syrian in every career is but a soldier defending Syria against the war imposed on it by many anti-Syria sheikhdoms, and states.

Syria's destiny has ever been to defend itself, sacrifice and vanquish. The ongoing battle for dialogue, reconciliation on one hand and for combating terrorists on the other is on until the world's colonial, greedy, and satellite ewes stop their arming, sheltering and training of killers and terrorists. If the Syrians, Army and civilians, aren't to defend Syria, do they deserve even their identity? Syria is indeed the mother of all and above all.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim