Salam e Buongiorno Presidente Assad

I have been receiving scores of solidarity messages from peace activists worldwide. The senders of these electronic messages vehemently lash out and condemn in the strongest way the unjustified tripartite barbaric aggression against Syria. Some of these messages  praise and appreciate the hero stances of H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad and his fight against terrorism on behalf of the entire globe. I am indeed honored to publish  some of these messages, expressing  gratitude and  thanks for every peace activist and truth seeker:

 I am from the UK and I wanted to get a message to your president.

 Not all of us are blinded by the lies of our media, we have done the research ourselves and have seen that all this attack is due to GREED from our very own corrupt governments here in the UK and overseas in America. I am sure there are other countries involved in this also. Before all of this fighting began in your country, it was safe and you had a nice place to live, however, because your very impressive president dropped the American dollar, you are now a threat to America. I do believe this is all how it started…

 Please stay strong, one day the slaves will wake up and see how all of us are the creation of a corrupt society and will remove these corrupt people once and for all. Until then people like me will watch in horror at what is happening in your country and hope that Russia and Syria win this awful war going on in your country.

 There is nothing I can say or do that will stop this, but I just wanted the president to know that there are people like me who know the truth. So please never give up, ever and stop this greed from taking over your lands.


 Lord Kirk Martin

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Salam e buongiorno Presidente Assad

in questo momento difficile per il tuo paese , va il mio personale sostegno affinchè la vittoria ti sia favorevole. La forza della giustizia e della perseveranza   sia conte. Gloria e sostegno al popolo siriano che sta lottando contro le interferenze straniere imperialiste che vorrebbero fare della Siria una loro colonia di sudditi .


"Salam and good morning President Assad

in this difficult time for your country, my personal support goes so that the victory is favorable to you. The force of justice and perseverance is count. Glory and support to the Syrian people who are fighting against the foreign imperialist interferences that would make Syria their colony of subjects."

Piersilvano Ferro

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 surrounded by bellowing Chicken Hawk idiots!

Mohammad, Last night, as most know, Donald Trump, surrounded by bellowing Chicken Hawk idiots like Nikki Haley and John Bolton, launched precision air strikes on Syria, based on a provable British lie. It is claimed by idiots that Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on civilians after he had won a contested war with Islamist terrorists for control of the Damascus suburb called Douma and whilst President Trump was considering withdrawing U.S. troops from his country.

Many of the President's most fervid supporters who fought with us all week to prevent this from happening have emerged this morning to declare all is lost. That is most definitely not the case and reflects the kind of political impotence and pessimism which will doom us.  If the people who supported an end to imperial wars, a rebirth of American creativity, manufacturing, and scientific progress, an end to the Wall Street casino economy, don't come out and fight now, if you are depending on one man to accomplish all of this without yourself engaging and organizing to create a real future, yes, all could be lost. We will be on an inexorable path to war with Russia and China and the probable extinction of the human race, because along the way we lost, as LaRouche warns, the moral fitness to survive—the unique ability of human beings to change "reality."

Think. The British lies at the center of the coup against Donald Trump, the British lies about the related Skripal poisoning, the British lies about the chemical weapons attack in Douma now stand exposed as a result of our work. Facts are now within popular knowledge about the nature of the enemy which have not been known since Franklin Roosevelt set out to end British colonialism after World War II. Blowback is now already occurring in Britain, in France, throughout the world. While the Anglo-Americans endlessly explain that those exposing these lies are agents of a foreign power, their hysteria is really that the Emperor really now no longer has any clothes.

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 False flag operation in Syria

I want to tell you, that no matter what our government would say, we are many civilian people in Norway that don't believe the media when they say Assad is behind the attack against civilian. But media don't let him come out and defend himself against these accusations. I hope Assad will talk through youtube or twitter etc. as soon as possible, so we can spread that on internet.  Let the truth come out. BLESS SYRIA, PRESIDENT ASSAD AND THE SYRIAN PEOPLE.

 Here is a good youtube video come out that discuss the false flag operation:  

The people are on your side. 

Sincerely, Mona Burley

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Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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