Joudi Wassim Asad!

 Innocent children, women, old Syrians are being transported from the terrorists' prisons in East Ghoutta for years!  The Syrians are passing their night with no sleep filled with tears of joy, victory and humanity. Our family members are being freed from untold tales of pain, torture, hard labor and hunger!

They are our family members  among whom luckily were saved by God, Army, President and Allies  from the terrorists hatred, swords and furnaces . The Syrians were filled with pride: the Syrians are indeed proud of their hero Army, President and Allies, who have been the source of their hope, light and freedom.

Untold stories narrated by the victorious Syrians; Joudi, a 3 and a half year  old baby-girl , thanks the Army, President Bashar Al-Assad, chanting ''Syria Protected by God'' … Joudi , the daughter of a Syrian hero martyr, wants to meet President Assad, unknowing that H.E. has never for a single moment but worked for her liberation and for the liberation of every Syrian and all Syria from the foreign-backed terrorism.

Joudi Wassim Asad, kidnapped by terrorists once infant, is the smiling innocent baby who does represent the true humanity and how even the foreign-backed terrorists worked as to slaughter. Joudi's love for the Syrian Arab Army and for President Bashar Al-Assad is indeed invincible and none in the world can defeat.

Joudi , 8 month infant when kidnapped, sings a song  for the hero Syrian Army and his machinegun ..a martyr song in defense of Syria.. Joudi is the message to the entire world: here we are and none can defeat the Syrians whose case is just and sacred. The Syrians are being invaded by heartless, greedy colonialists, cannibals, and butchers! The Syrians, and on behalf of the entire world, are fighting terrorists, the occupiers, and the colonialists.

The reward for Syrians' struggle against terrorism came firing missiles at a Syrian Airport near Homs City! Such a terrorist attack is as to silence Joudi and all children's innocence and purity worldwide. This  is exactly what the backers and sponsors of terrorism have been for years doing against Syria!

Joudi expressed her happiness to be freed… thanking President Assad who ''saved us and saved my mother and he would save others of my family, uncle, grandmother''… and every Syrian…Her Mother, Mrs. Basima, explains this is how I brought my daughter up …in lover for Syria, President Assad whom we placed his picture on the wall inside cells, where we were imprisoned,  and defied the terrorists!

Joudi's big family, all Syria, can never be broken. Syrians are determined to pursue the fight against terrorists. Syrians do promise Joudi that they   would never  allow anybody to kidnap and torture her again. No more suffering but joy of pride and victory against every evil.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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