The Saviors!

On March 4, 2018, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad reiterated that the majority of Syrians besieged by terrorists in Eastern Ghouta as human shields do need to escape from the terrorists to their motherland, Syria; thus, the operation against terrorism would continue while doors are open for the civilians to come to safety away from terrorists.

 The human tsunami witnessed nowadays by Syrians escaping from terrorists concentration camps and prisons came not only as a strong indication for the humanitarian role of the Syrian Army and its allies in saving the civilians and success in fighting the terrorism and terrorists, but  did came further as a slap on the shameless faces of those who have been sponsoring, financing, training   terrorists in Syria.


None in the world is to care about Syrians more than their own Army, President and their true allies of honour, blood and humanity. The tales of hunger, horror, torture and slaughter at the hands of the foreign-backed terrorists are indeed painfully unbearable! One could read in their tales, faces, eyes the invincibility of the Syrians and their strength, determination to fight and defeat terrorism as to cleanse Syria from the colonialists and ewes' dirty terrorism and sinister schemes.

The Syrians escaping the terrorists inside Ghouta, children, young, old, healthy and the sick, were chanting national songs in praise of the Syrian Army and its allies, who have been offering convoys of Martyrs and blood, in praise of President Assad, who, by all accounts, is considered by the true and objective persons as the most worldwide human President defending all against terrorism.

The Syrians escaping the hell of terrorists' threats of slaughter and killing, whether by cutting their heads, gas attacks, dismembering their body parts, urged their liberators and saviours to clean Syria from the remaining terrorists.  Our hero Army, allies, and defence forces excelled not only in securing their safe passage to life but in offering every type of assistance: food, water, medicine…

Syrians, liberated by the Syrian Army and Allies, did thank Russia, Iran, Hizbollah and all other honest anti-terrorism friends and brothers. The liberated Syrians narrated their stories about the terrorists' merciless and ruthless deprivation of the civilians even from the food, milk and medicine sent mainly by the Syrian Government as assistance.

On December 14th, 2016, President Assad, underscored, in an interview given to RTP TV, that ''… the terrorists for the last three years, and they have been using the civilians as human shields. From our side, from our part as government, we have two missions: the first one is to fight those terrorists to liberate that area and the civilians from those terrorists, and at the same time to try to find a solution to evacuate that area from those terrorists if they accept, let’s say, what you call it reconciliation option, in which they either give up their armaments for amnesty, or they leave that area.  The other thing we did as government is to open gates for the civilians to leave that area, and at the same time for the humanitarian convoys and help to go through those gates ...''.

Who are the saviours, liberators and the true fighters against terrorism!  Who are the terrorists and their masters? They are the occupiers and the greedy who shed crocodile tears for the Syrians and pay their cannibals on the ground to slaughter the more of Syrians! Who are to use chemicals against Syrians? Can those who sacrifice their life to save lives do such a heinous brutal act! Of course not, the backers of terrorists have been doing so, as were in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Japan……


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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