A Beehive Government

Racing against time as to implement the executive plan of the political solution for the ongoing crisis, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, the Premier and Chairman of the Ministerial Committee  entrusted with implementation of the plan, held a three-hour meeting with  Syrian journalists as to exchange views and ideas about the achieved so far by the Committee as to end the crisis. Encouraged by the optimism of the Premier and members of the Committee, the present journalists reiterated their staunch support to the political solution of the crisis on the basis of President Bashar Al-Assad's vision outlined in his January 6th landmark speech and adopted as the executive plan by the Cabinet on January 9th.

The Premier, just ending a meeting with a delegation representing the committee formed in Tehran conference to follow up national dialogue, briefed the journalists on the 25 meetings held so far by the Committee in less than two months. All the meetings, including those with opposition figures, intellectuals and University professors inside Syria, underscored commitment to the political plan by the Syrians themselves away from whatever foreign meddling and interferences. Nobody would care about Syria and the Syrians more than the Syrians themselves. The exchanges of views, questions, went on: Syria's so far most transparent, objective and successful Minister of Information, Omran al'Zou'bi, spoke about Syrian media role during the ongoing   crisis and its opening to all Syrians objectively and transparently, The deputy Premier, Dr. Qadri Jameel, the most outspoken and prominent opposition figure in the Cabinet, added the more of optimism regarding soon-to-be breakthroughs for dialogue and solution.

Premier al-Halqi said:"reporters and intellectuals play a pivotal role in enhancing culture of dialogue in society, helping government complete constructive and democratic dialogue process and confronting extremist thinking," highlighting the national media's pivotal  role in unmasking the false campaign of fabrications and lies, backed by some Arab countries, in cooperation with the Turkish government, to sow sedition in region and the world and divert their people's attention from what is going on in their own countries.

The Premier blasted some ruling families in the Arab countries, agents for the US and Israel, which are involved in the crisis in Syria and which oppress their own  people and plunder their wealth and resources, asserting that the government, and though of the present crisis, ''pays great attention to the economic and social causes reported in the national media in view of the fact that they contribute to build modern Syria, start process of reconstruction, enhance national unity and restore stability and security" and that the government is capable of confronting ''all economic challenges caused by unjust embargo and terrorist acts targeting  the Syrian  people's potentials and capabilities''.

After all, the ongoing crisis is imposed on the Syrians, whose culture isn't that of slaughter, rape, kidnapping, and destruction. The countries which exported terrorists, takfiris, hired killers should taste their own medicine. The terrorists should be encountered and flashed out by the Syrian hero Army. The Syrians are more determined to defend their sovereignty, unity and their own political System. The views exchanges, questions and answers by the Premier, members of the committee, and journalists were satisfactory, determined, convincing and optimistic. Syria is undoubtedly to vanquish and the coming days would but highlight the unique Syrian model of dialogue, coexistence, fraternity, leadership, amity, constitution, parliament and stability. Ballot boxes and NOT bullets are to shape these coming very days.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim