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Wooden Coffins in Waiting!

It seems that the US policy and sinister main objective in Syria is not only to obstruct any political solution for the mainly foreign backed and foreign imposed war by multinational terrorists and hired mercenaries, but to cleanse Syria from its citizens! Mr. US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson's recent statements during his current tour, are not only contradictory but disillusioned and fanciful!

Tillerson's statements in Kuwait reiterated many well-known facts about the US policy of divide to rule, cow boy-like manner of dealing with the majority of today's crazy world, and about the real and true sponsors and boss of  Mr. De Mistura and of his favourite foreign opposition team!

Tillerson's crazy and blatant statements in Kuwait that the US occupation troops in some parts of the Syrian territory is for, among many other things, to influence Geneva talks should make the majority of national and patriotic Syrians refrain from going to Geneva. Many have the right now to wonder whether Geneva talks are Syrian-Syrian talks under the UN facilitator role, or merely a US ploy, paid for by the dirty petro-dollars, and under the US expansionist and greedy hegemony!

The USA has indeed been the main reason for the ongoing catastrophic war by thousands of terrorists, made by, trained and exported by the United States and its slaves, to Syria. This is unjust war by evil and darkness forces against Syrians, particularly the civilians, where those cannibals and criminals who should put to trial are slaughtering the Syrians around the clock!  

Mr. Tillerson  is waiting for the slaughtering of the last true Syrian as to allow elections, for example,! The USA and its ewes are afraid of election results and are accordingly procrastinating and obstructing the political solution, already defined by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad through ballot boxes and referendum. The ewes that have been growing up ewes among some Syrians abroad will definitely fail in their destructive goal!

We, true Syrians, are the majority; even if you eliminate the last patriot. Even the bones and souls of our martyrs will resurrect and vote for the homeland defender! The USA should by now stop its childish and reckless practices and narrow search for narrow interests. Mr. Tillerson, a red-Indian like in figure, and an oil businessman, is ready to exchange humans' sacred blood in return for new oil  drillings and explorations! This time, the blood of the occupier is expectedly and rightly out of self-defence, to be shed. Wooden coffins and plastic bags are in waiting!

Mr. Tillerson, instead of his empty and contradictory statements, should have gone to Israel as to curb and leash his counterpart, Mr. Lieberman, who threatens of not barking but biting! It would have been better to tell him that he is toothless and none is afraid. The Syrians, whose territories are under the Israeli occupation, are peace-advocates and Madrid's doors, where more than 85 percent of the issues settled, are still ajar.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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