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Peace to the People of Syria

Yesterday's Sochi Congress  gathering more than 1500 Syrians representing every strata  of Syria was indeed and by all objective accounts a great success. It was so not only in its positive outcomes, but even in its negative messages sent by those who objected to the conference and even left no stone unturned as to abort its convening!

It was an accurate translation for President Vladimir Putin's message to the Dialogue Congress of the Syrians as it did provide the  opportunity to meet the Syrians’ aspirations to end the war and fully eradicate terrorism. Sochi Congress gathered representatives from almost all non-affiliated to foreign states and not caught red handed in slaughtering the Syrians.

The convening of the Congress was a stitch in time as a remarkable success for Syria, Russia, Iran, and even Turkey apart from its unwavering support to many terrorist groups who have been slaughtering Syria and Syrians. Those who rejected the Congress made a big push not only for the success of the Congress but for the need as to reconsider their destructive role and the states  arming terrorists on the ground and supporting them, even by a pre-fabricated Washington Document, which once more proved the true evil intentions as to eliminate Syria and not terrorism!


Sochi final statement smells Syrian, because it talks about real things in Syria on the ground: those pertaining to elections, integrity, unity, women representations, Army, Constitution, institutions…etc. It is also written by the sacred blood of our heroes, Syrians, Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah and all the heroes in the fierce  fighting shoulder to shoulder against terrorism as to save not only Syria and its allies from terrorism, but the world in its entirety.

Sochi Congress has indeed been the starting for political solution for the foreign created and imposed war against the Syrians. This very solution was outlined by President Bashar Al-Assad  in his January 6th, 2013 landmark speech: it is a 3-phased roadmap including in its first stage:  a  commitment by the concerned countries to halt the financing, arming and harboring of the armed men- mostly notorious al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists-, and then military operations are to be halted , reserving the right to respond when attacked , the finding of a mechanism to assert the commitment of all to this, especially the border control, and then the convening of the national conference for dialogue  with the participation of all forces which desire participation.

 The second phase of the roadmap is through a comprehensive national dialogue with a commitment to the sovereignty, unity and integrity of Syria, halting terrorism and violence. Such a national dialogue would present the constitutional system, issues and agreement on new laws for elections, which are to be put for popular referendum. An expanded government is to be assigned the role of implementing the said articles, the constitution is to be put to a popular referendum and then  new parliamentary elections are to be held.

 A new government is to be formed during the third phase, where a national conference for reconciliation to be convened, general amnesty to be given, and rehabilitation of the infrastructure and reparation for the damaged are to be completed.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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