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The Craziness!

It is a year on Mr. trumps presidency in the United States! Among the achievements of Trump's Administration regarding Syria, plagued for years by the most brutal foreign-backed terrorism and sinister schemes, are the more of destruction, hindrances, sanctions, blockade and the more of weapons and mass destruction weapons supplied to the terrorists of more than a hundred country!

Mr. Trumps destructive role in Syria is a follow-up to the persistent and consequent US Administrations destructive roles in Styria. Apart from some US positive statements by some officials after leaving their posts, one would notice that even the promised to be positive roles are soon to fade away and to be replaced by grudge, hatred and aggression statements and deeds!

Mr. Trump once promised :"We have to end that craziness that is going on in Syria." A year after, the US Administration is but inflaming such a 'craziness', mainly caused by the US and its satellite puppets! The Syrians have no alternative other than defending, along with their brothers and allies, their very existence of civilization, history and honor!


Secretary  Tillerson's recent reckless and stupid statements, at Stanford University, for an open-ended US troops occupation of some territories in Syria represent but the craziness of the US foreign policies! None would welcome the occupiers; and how when it comes to the Syrians, the builders of thousands of years of civilizations!

The Syrians, defenders of the entire globe against terrorism and particularly against the US Wahabbi founded Daesh, are on vigil as to avenge the destruction of their life and the untimely martyrdom of their beloved against the founders, masters, financers and trainers of terrorism!

The Syrians are more than ever committed to a political settlement for the foreign created crisis. Elections and referendum are best representation for any political settlement. If Tillerson and the dirty Wahabbis' dollars bet on changing the results of any coming elections, they should only be sure of their craziness and failures. The ongoing for years in Syria has even made those who would vote against vote but victory, honor, safety and pride.

US Trump himself described  Barack Obama, at an election rally in Florida, as: “He’s the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder. He founded ISIS.” Asserting: “I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton, who has a “founding” role in the terror group." Mr. Trump and his handpicked people pursue the march but with more of blood,  arrogance, aggressiveness and greed!

Syria, according to the Expatriates and Foreign Ministry, has  reiterated that the US military presence on the Syrian territories is illegitimate as a flagrant aggression on the national sovereignty in flagrant violation of International Law.

The US Administration policy creates but suffering and destruction and Syria is never in need for a one dollar from the United States for rebuilding. The Syrian Arab Republic  is to relentlessly pursue its war against terrorist groups and is to liberate Syria from any illegitimate foreign presence.

 Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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