The True Enemy!

Astana consultations restart today! Geneva 8th session is already finished! The brave fighting against the foreign- Real backed terrorism is on and on as to clean all of the Syrian Arab Republic from the last foreign-backed, trained and terrorist cell. With the conclusion of 2017,  still and ever the memories, heroism and souls of those who passed to Martyrdom, in defence of all humanity, are feeding the throbs of our hearts running in the blood of every anti-terrorism being, from Russia, Iran, Hezboallah, to Syria and beyond!

The Syrians on the ground of sacrifices, steadfastness, as well as economic hardships, sanctions,  are in the ruins of what the foreign-backed terrorists and their masters destroyed. The grudge of the colonialists and the greedy of the world's wolves and beasts are still on with the aim of implementing a new Geneva-based Sykes-Picot, a new exploitation, but with a long-term and grand robbery! All the schemes of the enemies are doomed to failure! We have been fighting the enemies and their schemes and their terrorists for salvation and NOT for slavery.

The Syrians, the bearers of the first torch of human civilization, are determined to continue the fight against terrorism; given the fact that it is only the elimination of terrorism and occupation which can be the best and safest road as to restore the Syrians stability, security and prosperity. Geneva seems, given the revelations and statements by the greedy as the new Sykes-Picot trap! Hence, as clearly stated recently by President Assad, those who want peace do not support terrorism!

Those who echo empty words as to appear clean of supporting terrorism are themselves terrorists! Just a simple review of the stances of those arrogant reckless policies, the example of Lucifer in Dr. Faustus is clear: they did sell their countries and themselves to the devil of terrorism and thus destroyed not only their own countries by a wave of terrorist, but by destroying many countries worldwide, like Afghanistan, Libya, and many to come.

The Syrians have every right as not to trust those who have been for years slaughtering them! It is our duty to trust those who have been standing with us as to save our country and people from the foreign—backed Al-Qaeda Wahabvi affiliates. Thus, the Syrians are not in waiting for solutions from the culprits in the crimes against their own Syria! Some would say that the French empty statements are in reply to a Wahabbi demand as perhaps to set a premier or a prince free and as to help them get down from the high tree of treason and fratricide! Who can predict whether the bereaved Syrians want the cannibals to get down from their high trees of treasons!   The answer might only be the self-uprooting for such damned high trees of treason!

Mr. US and Mrs. France are not in a position to even rape our sacrifices and spirits! Presidents Trump, Macron and their remote-controlled puppets have inherited a long history of robbery, slaughter, destruction and exploitation! The Syrians and the Syrians alone know who is saving them, and who is ruthlessly slaughtering them. The enemy is the terrorist, Wahabbi cannibals; the saviour and guardian is the hero President who is leading the war on terrorism and on behalf of the whole globe.

The greedy, colonial powers should deeply reconsider their stances in deeds, not in words! No place of the independent sovereign Syria is to remain out of the Syrian sovereignty; no span is to remain under occupation. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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