Never Wait for Godot !

The political solution map in Syria was drawn by the sacred blood of the anti-terrorism fighters. This map has been day by day redrawn according to the Syrians and their allies steadfastness, sacrifices and determination as  to fight the foreign-backed and at times made and prefabricated multinational terrorists from more than a hundred country.

According, the Wahabbi bids continue as to exploit  and destroy Syria more and more as a matter of grudge and hatred  to achieve  through Geneva what they couldn't  achieve on the ground! The Syrians do refuse that the Wahabbis exploit them as a chipping card for Al-Saud catastrophic follies in the Yemen, Iraq, as well as in many places worldwide!

 Syria, proud of its decades-long shaped and practiced popular democracy, is further under attacks by the Wahabbis, given the recent   break in their shared treason with the Qataris, whose recent revelations and declared amounts of bribes and dirty petrodollars, should not only make the so-called and bribed  yes-sir-opposition senseless spineless creatures ashamed, but  stand before  a trial!

 Riyadh is the capital and sponsor of terrorism against Syrians, who can but view the so-called opposition there as merely cheap toilet paper in the hands of Al-Saud, who are remote-controlled by US and colonialists greed! The Syrians are tired of negotiating the boys of Al-Saud, on the departure of their President!

Why should the Syrians work according to the Saudi-US-Israeli dictations! The Syrians are proud of their history, amity, fraternity and way of living. Yes, the majority of Syrians feel even more satisfied when their official delegation to Geneva postponed its Geneva arrival till tomorrow, in a clear message that we can never for long wait for the absurdity. Mr. De Mistura's statement about Geneva without preconditions is welcome!  

The Syrians mission is not to give the keys of Damascus to the Wahabi cannibals! The Syrians task is never to be at the disposal of Al-Saud, who can imprison princess and premiers and even buy everything but NOT when it comes to Syria, the land of light, enlightenment, and civilization. The Syrians can never be imprisoned, and surely never occupied  by anyone in this small globe!

The citizens of this country, as it is clear on the ground, are saved and cleaned day by day from Al-Saud affiliated and foreign-backed terrorists! It is the right of every Syrian to ask even about the need for transitional government! If this government  has been able to withstand and stand heroically in the face of terrorism, why should the Syrians been plagued by a multi-national affiliated proxy government!

The Syrians do have the exclusive right to ask about why they should live under the dictats of the reckless crazy and colonialists! This is not how Syrians live! and that is why they have been led by their Army, President, and shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and friends, as to live sovereign freely, independently with honor, integrity in peace, light, progress and in dignity.

The only viable and possible political solution is through ballot boxes. The Syrians have to gather inside Syria as to  coordinate and decide  on the timing and format of such elections. If the UN, which role in any crisis has never been a success in light of the chronic US hegemony, is to help, the door is open, but it should not be so forever! The Syrians can never wait for Godot for indefinite!


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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