Men of Honour, Dignity and Principles

The recent Sochi Summit between Presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin is indeed historic and by all accounts, not only in its form but in its contents and strategic implications too.

The heroes' brotherly reception of President Assad by President Putin was highly appreciated by the majority of Syrians, Resistance Men, and by almost every anti-terrorism Man worldwide, as a badge of honour by the great Russia, which defeated and cleaned the world from Nazis to the great Syria which is about to defeat and clean its integrated and independent land from foreign-backed Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

It is indeed an international Summit between two great world leaders, who have been fully involved in defending the entire globe from cannibals, hired killers and terrorists. It is the Summit of the noble, heroic and human world figures, who consider any terrorist attack against their citizens in Moscow, Damascus, BUT as an attack against every civilization and city worldwide.

Presidents Putin-Assad hugs reflect but the strong steadfastness and determination as to defeat and uproot terrorism. It is the Summit of the honoured victorious, in which the soul of every Syrian, Russian, Iraqi, Iranian, Hezbollah Martyr has been present; in which every sacred blood of anti-terrorism Martyrs and the sacred sighs and tears of their beloved have been present.

 Presidents Assad-Putin Summit is but the Summit of the brave, who do not leave the ship to be drown and do navigate the ship to the safety shore as their responsibility.  They were two Presidents who do stand for the values of the majority of Russians, Syrians, Iranian and all the sacred values of the honest worldwide.

Both Presidents were bribed with unlimited treasures; yet a grain of their land and a drop of their citizens blood is worthy for them all the world. They are the Presidents whose treasure is but their defence of their land, people and principles.

The core of the Summit has been ever as to stand united, shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terrorism. The political solution for the war against Syrians, in prelude to launching fierce attacks against others in Iran, China, Russia and elsewhere, is as ever within hand and has always been the reality for decades: fighting terrorism hand in hand with free constitutional elections.

President Assad's meeting with the top Army Commanders of the Federal Republic of Russia is not only unique in its format, but is indeed a message of gratitude and indebtedness to the brothers-in-arms against terrorism, and on behalf of the entire world, even on behalf of those who left no stone unturned in support and backing for the scorpion of terrorism and its cancerous spread!

Hopefully, all would be able to cope with the reality and outcomes of Sochi: leave Syria for the Syrians, learn by and from Syrians: Syria is for construction NOT destruction, is a peace-loving country of civilization and deep-roots and has ever been searching for the just and comprehensive peace.  Syria has never sent its sons abroad as invaders, killers, occupiers, but as Saints, and messengers of amity, fraternity and friendship.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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