General Shoigu's Statements!

General Sergey Shoigu, the veteran Russian Minister of Defense, statements in Israel yesterday that "the counter-terrorism operation in Syria is nearing completion" and that "some issues should be tackled immediately," are indeed vital, and strategic , particularly to Israel!

Unfortunately, Israel is still not only on the wrong side of the war against terrorism in Syria, but still one of the main supporters and backers to Al-Qaeda affiliates, especially in the 1974 UNDOF zones!

General Shoigu's visit and statements can be taken as a piece of advice to Israel, whose ''security'' is indeed, given its occupation of the Syrian Golan and its unwavering reckless support to the cancerous cells of terrorists, a matter of collective peace, understandings and agreements!

In the global village of today, geography does not bring  security as a barrier! A rocket travels even faster than the sound! The war mongering and sword rattling of Mr. Netanyahu and the reckless hawks of his supporters, including some powerless and toothless ewes,  bring but more disillusionment, isolation and destruction.

Mr. Shoigu's calls as to immediately tackle some issues are but to direct attention for a U-turn as to relaunch a Marshal-like plan for the region! Syria's, along with its friends and brothers from Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and all world freedom fighters' counter-terrorism operation is nearing completion.

Accordingly, the Syrians and their allies fought on behalf of the entire world as to rid not only Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Iran from terrorism but even the states and governments which have been standing with terrorism. Terrorism cannot and should not be used as a tool for political purposes; setting your neighbors' house on fire includes too the high risks of not only burning your hands, but the strong possibility of one's total burning!

Hopefully, the supporters of terrorism were to wake up! The Syrians, under the leadership of President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, and hand in hand with their Army, brothers and allies, are indeed unbreakable and indivisible.   The Syrians are peace advocates NOT war mongers! Others' wars were imposed upon us! On the entire globe behalf, we have been repelling and fighting terrorists!


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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