The Brave Savior!

Had it not been for President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, not only Syria, but the major part of the region would have been turned by now into a Moslem Brotherhood ISIS satellite region in the US-Israeli orbit of exploitation, subjugation and hegemony.

The reality of the ongoing terrorist war against Syria, people, Army and President, and for years, does assert the heroic, brave and strategic role of President Assad in standing tall, firm and steadfast in defending his country, friends, allies and citizens against terrorism.

It has been a fierce war by the greedy powers of the new colonial and expansionist powers, using every possible means of distortion, lies, fabrications and slaughter! Syria's geography, history, civilization and roles was the target as to create new realities and facts on the ground in the interest of sinister greedy objectives of the new colonials!

As to achieve the said objectives, the enemies of life and light used every means and exploited even the sublime teachings of Islam as to distort the reality of Syrian Army, President and people! The Syrian Arab Army, along with the true friends, brothers and allies, defended Syria, the region and the entire globe, offering thousands of martyrs and injured as to save the millions of the innocents whom terrorism indiscriminately target.

The election of President Assad to the Presidency post in Syria, as proved on the ground, was not only a local need for the Syrians, who always chant 'With our souls, blood, we sacrifice for YOU Bashar', but a regional and international need, even for the petro-dollars, occupiers and colonialists who have been backing, training and arming the terrorists.

President Assad's brave stances in defense of the dignity, sovereignty and humanity has indeed proven to be an international need more than being merely a local one. The global village of today is indeed in a dire need for great leaders and staunch defenders of light, amity, peace and fraternity. Happy Birthday to the soon to be free from ISIS Syria! Happy Birthday Mr. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, the symbol for fighting terrorism, for defending humanity, and for international peace, stability and security.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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