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Aleppo's Burglar

Turkish thief-premier, Erdogan, should be held accountable for his destructive role not only in the shedding of the Syrians' blood, but also for his looting of the Syrians' means  of living, particularly in the steadfast city of Aleppo. The gangs of Erdogan, many of them have Turkish nationality with extremist identity, have been spreading destruction, fear, insecurity and instability in Aleppo and elsewhere inside Syria.

The terrorist gangs in action in Aleppo assassinated many businessmen, burning factories to ashes, after robbing machinery and smuggling  them to Turkey. For example. 'al-Oulabi' factory was burnt, its owner, Bassam al Oulabi killed causing a halt in Aleppo's textile industry, not to mention the thousands turned jobless in the aftermath of such a  heinous crime.

'Al-Weis' Family Factory was also robbed, its owner Mohammad al-Weis killed in tandem with increasing phenomena of kidnapping and ransoms targeting thousands of Aleppo's elites among the rich, and industrialists. Erdogan's gangs spread death and fear in Aleppo, cutting roads, blowing up railways, roads and  oil pipelines, attacking every commercial convoy in the city.

According to a report published recently by the Lebanese Al-Akhbar Daily, with the opening of Turkey's borders with Syria, acts of looting, assassination, escalated in Aleppo, where more than a thousand factory were dismantled and smuggled into Turkey; the losses reached more than  300 Billion SYP. Even the iron inside these factories was robbed in pieces to be melted inside Turkey as scraps.

According to Aleppo industrialist, Mohamad Bitar, the armed terrorists broke into the family's factor, and cut the 15-meter length  machineries before selling them as scraps with a low price in Turkey.

Abo Ahmad, who refused to be named in fear of reprisals, stated that his textile factory at Sheikh Nejar in Aleppo was ransacked and looted, swearing, as a hawker now  in Aleppo streets, that he would not sell a Turkish commodity. 

It is but a systematic destruction of Aleppo industry as to change Aleppo into a market for Turkish commodities.

Aleppo's Industry Chambers Chairman, Fares al-Shihabi, who addressed an authentic report to Foreign and Expatriates Ministry about Erdogan's systematic looting of Aleppo's industry, asserted that the citizens of Aleppo regard Erdogan as the 'burglar of Aleppo'.

Thus, the burglar of Aleppo should be ashamed of himself and shut his mouth when it comes to Syrians,  who did suffer the unbearable at the hands of his Ottoman colonial ancestors. Erdogan, the leader of 'Justice and Development Brotherhood, and who  was tight-lipped when Israel killed his citizens in its heinous May 2010 barbaric  attack on a Turkish aid ship,  is indeed responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent Syrians and should be  in fetters in  the dock  to face trial  as a war criminal.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim