"Oh, and Happy Easter "

 In the global village of today, we all are living in the same big house! In Syria, this tiny , geographically speaking, land is indeed perfumed with civilization, history, amity and fraternity. Syria's Celebration of today's Easter is filled with bitter-sweet   feelings. The bitterness is in part the result of Syrians long suffering from Al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates, backed by some Western countries, US and Gulf puppets!

Sweetness is once Syrians have such a US peace-activist, Janice Kortkamp, along with scores of distinguished persons from around the globe, touring Syria. The writings and memories of my close friend, Janice, is indeed a sigh of relief for many Syrians as the beautiful ringing  of Churches sinking deeply into the depth of our soul and conscience.

The Syriatimes Online takes pride in publishing some of Janice Kortkamp personal reflections registered on her facebook page:

  Ma'aloula, Syria

A dear, humble man with the most beautiful smile sang the Lord's Prayer for us in Aramaic on Good Friday.

Ma'aloula has been a Christian village since there were such things.

But it was almost gone.

America's "moderate rebels" of the Free Syrian Army attacked it with a vengeance alongside Al Qaeda...as they always do.

Our "moderates" executed many who would not convert to their fake, twisted, violent, completely intolerant version of "Islam".

The local men who had formed a militia to protect their homes were able to hold off the terrorists with the help of Hezbollah fighters until they could get almost all of the women and children out via ancient sewer tunnels.

Then US "moderate" terrorists ransacked the place, looted and vandalized the the homes, businesses, churches, and orphanage.

They stole the priceless, ancient, unique icons and sold them to Israel, Europe, and Gulf countries.

After six months the Syrian armed forces and allies finalized the liberation out of Ma'aloula. So many Muslims died defending that Christian village that is held precious by Syrians of all faiths and people groups.

When we visited they were honoring the second anniversary of that liberation.

So much is destroyed but they are rebuilding. President Assad made the restoration of Ma'aloula a top priority. The Syrian Army protects the people who have moved back. Since I first visited one year ago I can see great progress already in spite of the terrible war in their country.

Its hard for me this morning, to write in such a way as to build bridges with Americans who have been lied to incessantly by our government, war-profiteering media, and NGOs masking themselves as humanitarian organizations while existing only to further political agendas...because I am filled with rage as I write this.

After the lies and horrors of Iraq and Libya are so obvious and so exposed now...why oh why do Americans continue their blind, ignorant and often arrogant support for the US war machine?

Oh, and Happy Easter


The Christians Protected

Damascus, April 12, 2017

Woke up to the sounds of war. Big booms, think they're outgoing and if so may God guide them to wipe out the terrorists that are less than 1 km from where I write.

Big war booms competed for ear-share last week with the marching band drums of the local churches, as they practiced for their Easter Holy Week parades.

Palm Sunday a few days ago, had all the Christians out in their best Sunday outfits. The ladies were so beautiful...the streets were full of gorgeous women decked out and little girls in bright dresses. Little boys looking like small gentlemen in suit coats, vests and ties and their handsome fathers too.

Spent the afternoon talking with Christians in a local cafe. When asked what they thought of Trump's attack on their army they universally denounced it as an attack on them personally. They asked me why America seems so bent on destroying Christianity and civilization in the Middle East, in their Syria especially. I said I knew why ... for Israel of course ... and they agreed, surprised an American understood.

One lady, the matriarch of the family, was in tears, she appreciated so much my recent interview here that she had seen. We hugged each other in deep sadness.

The Christians were protected from the terrorists-next-store by Muslims of the Syrian Arab Army, men ... and women ... who sacrifice everything to preserve and protect the religious diversity here. To protect the empowerment of women here. To protect their homeland. Above all to protect their own families.

To protect all that from the US backed mercenary terrorists who want it all gone.

I have no respect for Americans who support the insanity of the US war machine and the swaths of death and destruction it leaves behind. After 14 years of this rampage we've been on, the total disasters we've created ... there is no excuse now.

Ivanka Trump will probably not cry for these victims of John McCain's "moderate rebels"; US backed Ahrar al Sham terrorist group has claimed responsibility. They had a suicide bomber take out nine buses of evacuees. McCain made sure the monsters who did this have advanced US weapons including TOW anti tank missiles.

Appears that 118 people died today in this monsters' massacre but...

...no wars will start for these children. No main stream media newscaster will demand action.

Trump will probably just eat another piece of cake. Well let him eat cake in hell for supporting the "moderate" demons in Syria.

Took a long, lovely walk around Old Damascus yesterday evening. There was an overcast sky and the temperature of the air was so ... perfectly neutral ... that the combination of the two made for a difficult-to-describe environment. Not sensory deprivation chamber, more like a cocoon ... safe, serene.

Visited the ancient church of St. Ananias, two flights of stairs down ... street level, actually above street level 2,000 years ago. This is the spot preserved thru time where the Apostle Paul became a Christian according to the Book of Acts.

Plus more random scenes of this beautiful unique place where mosques and churches, bars and shops sit comfortably side by side. I love sharing it with you.

I don't want to talk about the war now or the possible impending destruction of the place at the hands of reckless American war mongers.

There's a reason why Damascus is the world's oldest continually inhabited capital city...

...she's weathered many such storms. Just hope this one will be over soon."

Janice Kortkamp



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